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Cribbage Patience

Published: 24thNovember 2022. Updated 31st December 2022

Many years ago I was introduced to Cribbage Patience, and have loved it ever since. Some time go my favorite pack of cards were introduced to a grandchild, we're still looking for some of the cards...

But as I enjoy coding things I thought I'd take up the challenge and code an online version. But my skills are lacking in certain areas, plus i don't see the point of reinventing something if it is already out there. I located a deck of cards, as opposed to an existing cribbage script. This allows the cards to be used for anything, I just needed a scoring system.

The scoring systems out there were few and they were more complex than was needed for a patience game. So I borrowed the idea from Jeff Molby, for the scoring, but started afresh.

It hasn't been designed to do everything for you. You have to deal the cards Added dealing and clearing to the discard pile!, move them to the crib, do all the scoring etc.

The game can be played here: Cribbage Patience. Please note it was designed to be played on a tablet or PC, and not for phones at this time. I'll get around to adjusting things eventually for other devices.


Redesigned to be more mobile frindly, but use add to homescreen to get the best experience on mobiles. It's still not quite there, but is playable. Code tidy up needed for some portions which should make adapting for other games easier in the future.

Rich Pedley