WordPress Plugins

Plugins hosted by WordPress – not necessarily used on this site but written by myself.

Plugin Last Update Rating # Ratings Downloads
eShop Languages2013-11-04 10:38am GMT100.0019478
eFiles Backup2008-10-08 6:33pm GMT0.0006222
Password Protect enhancement2008-10-05 1:32pm GMT0.0005178
eFont Size2008-06-04 1:29pm GMT0.0004880
eSimple Wiki2010-08-09 9:47am GMT0.0003476
ePage Links2009-01-19 9:33pm GMT0.0001774
eSpace2008-06-04 1:15pm GMT0.000957
eShortcodes2010-05-11 8:06am GMT0.000885
Averages 100.000.134106
Totals  132850

One Response to WordPress Plugins

  1. David Bennett says:

    Taking up the point you made in http://quirm.net/2012/05/31/perils-of-using-older-versions-of-jquery/ – which theme do you think is well coded and works well with eShop ?

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