I’m going through my WordPress plugin, eShop, and upgrading a lot of the php to fit in more with standard WP practices. It’s going a lot smoother than expected so far!

There was nothing wrong with the code I had, but by doing this I am hoping to future proof the plugin that little bit more.

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  1. fb says:

    Can we see a list of the forthcoming changes, or will there be a changelog?
    Just about to release a theme that will work with your great plugin out of the box and it would be good to know what will change so I can take it into account before releasing the theme to the public…

    Thanks and keep up the great work..

    • Rich says:

      In theory you won’t have to do anything extra – there will be a change log, but I might miss a few things because there is soo much changing but mainly it is all code changes.

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