Tesco Spam

A few weeks ago I ordered from Tesco online. I then received one of their follow up emails suggesting I complete a survey, and then another and another … hourly.

I wrote to Tesco:


thank you for spamming my inbox on the hour every hour for the last 6
hours, I assume this will continue until the time has run out.

May I do the same in return and spam you, no? well please don’t do it
to me.

thank you.

next day I get a response:

Thank you for your email and please accept my apologies for the delay in my

I’d also like to apologise that you’ve been inundated with messages from us, as
I too would feel equally unimpressed. Please rest assured that I’ve now
unsubscribed your email address to prevent this from happening in future. Please
kindly allow up to 14 days for this to take affect.

To which I replied:

thank you for you reply, I do hope you were being sarcastic when you said it could take up to 14 days for this to take effect.

That response does not instil me with confidence, and to be honest sounds like you are extracting the urine.

Follow up: Tesco Contact form!

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Thunderbird 5.0, what a load of crap.

No not the Gerry Anderson one, sadly. But the pile of crap that Mozilla has released as the update to Thunderbird 3. No I’m not sure what happened to 4 either.

  • Inbox keeps crashing, no idea why.
  • Basic plugins don’t work – why the hell can’t you navigate from one read email to another?
  • Can’t compose emails properly, seriously, unable to add subject to recipient is kinda needed for an email client
  • Looks pretty horrible as well, no color at all for the button icons makes them hard to distinguish

So anyone know of a decent alternative?

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Considering removing eShop from WordPress plugin repository.

Within a year of releasing eShop I managed to get it onto the WordPress plugin repository. It certainly increased the number of downloads, and even brought in a little money – not that that was ever the intent. But I have become more and more frustrated ever since the Compatibility section was added to the plugins page. Why? because of the number of times that someone has marked it as Not Working – well sort of.
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WordPress plugin – IIS issues

A case of strange but true tale of woe.

A few versions back I added in some functionality to my plugin, eShop, for users to view their orders. I called the file user.php. A lot of my other files have a preface of eshop_ in them. Now at the time I thought nothing of doing this, thinking the naming was suitable. Turns out it was, but caused major grief for IIS users.

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WordPress hosted theme, no thanks.

I am so glad I don’t develop themes for WordPress. rather draconian values seem to have snuck into the design process.
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When using other people’s code

ensure it does what it is supposed to, and isn’t over engineered with useless crap. All I did was look for a simple function to create a WordPress query, gave up and used my own, a smaller and better one in the end.

I only looked because the query was something I couldn’t get at very easily to see if anything was going wrong. Time to start having faith in my skills I think.

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