Backyard Monsters updated.

It just keeps getting better and better.

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came across a new acronym today –
Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

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Wiki plugin for WordPress

Last week I started thinking about writing a wiki plugin.

Yesterday I decided to write the plugin.

Today I finished the plugin.

Tomorrow I will tweak the plugin.

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Have Walking Stick Will Travel

Once again I am having to use a walking stick – but still intend on attending WordCamp UK tomorrow in Manchester. If anyone sis reading this and and going – feel free to say hi. I’ll be the one with the walking stick….

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Thank you for saying my plugin is broken

Thank you so much for saying my plugin is broken. Thank you so much for not contacting me with the issue which allows me to fix it. Your feedback is always welcomed, but without giving me the chance to fix it it will always remain broken for you.
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Redesign has begun

Expect minor and major changes whilst I wrestle my first child theme into shape.

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