WordPress hosted theme, no thanks.

I am so glad I don’t develop themes for WordPress. rather draconian values seem to have snuck into the design process.
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When using other people’s code

ensure it does what it is supposed to, and isn’t over engineered with useless crap. All I did was look for a simple function to create a WordPress query, gave up and used my own, a smaller and better one in the end.

I only looked because the query was something I couldn’t get at very easily to see if anything was going wrong. Time to start having faith in my skills I think.

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Backyard Monsters updated.

It just keeps getting better and better.

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came across a new acronym today –
Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

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Wiki plugin for WordPress

Last week I started thinking about writing a wiki plugin.

Yesterday I decided to write the plugin.

Today I finished the plugin.

Tomorrow I will tweak the plugin.

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Have Walking Stick Will Travel

Once again I am having to use a walking stick – but still intend on attending WordCamp UK tomorrow in Manchester. If anyone sis reading this and and going – feel free to say hi. I’ll be the one with the walking stick….

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