Tesco Contact Form!

This is a follow up to Tesco Spam.

I had cause to use this contact form today. I had just ordered something from them and the email that came through was useless for reading without HTML, no text alternative and HTML tags make it very difficult to read.

So navigating to their site and finding the link to the form I had my first issue, the security certificate was invalid, for whatever reason. But then after filling in the forum I hit the mobile number required. Now I don’t use one, and I don’t really want one. So I tried to put in n/a, didn’t accept it. I then tried 999… but they didn’t accept that either. Thankfully they had given an example number, and that did work.

So one complaint turned into 3. Thanks Tesco.

Followup: Tesco Support, bad, really really bad, and accessibility failure.

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