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Updated: UK2.net 2 years on on 10/11/2006

Some years ago I received a birthday present in the shape of a domain name. That was when www.elfden.co.uk was born. At the time it was purchased through uk2.net because they were relatively cheap.

Everything went well, for a while, and I extended the domain name to a small hosting package as well. That was when the trouble began. The package lacked various little things like cgi and php. But at the time that wasn’t a problem.

Then came a time when I wanted to move the site. Despite the lack of fax machines in most peoples homes, they wanted a fax. Although we have several PC’s in the house, not one of them had any fax software. I scoured the web and eventually found something that sufficed and sent the fax. I was transferring my domain and hosting to UKWSD (UK Web Solutions Direct). Although the DNS took a while to be transferred, it all went reasonably well.

From there the trouble started! When I wasn’t even a customer anymore!

I was being sent their members newsletters. I tried to unsubscribe, but to do that you had to be a member, i.e. have an account with them. Of course my details had been deleted, and I couldn’t access anything.

I emailed them. Apart from the auto-replies, I didn’t receive anything. Then the following month, another newsletter. So I emailed again, adding in all the email addresses I could think of at the time. Finally a reply, yes they would remove me from their list.

3 months later I received another newsletter.

I started the cycle of emails again.

This same thing happened every few months. Then by the beginning of this year I had had enough. In March over the course of 3 days I received a total of 63 automated responce emails from them, following my attempt to contact them once again. I made a complaint to Trading Standards and sent the following email to them:

To: abuse@uk2.net
CC: stopabuse@uk2.net; abuseisp@uk2.net; postmaster@uk2.net; root@uk2.net; sales@uk2.net; support@uk2.net
Subject: I am being spammed from yourselves.
Dear sirs,
Once again I have been added to your apm list despite repeated requests that
I be removed permanently. I was a customer of yours, but have not been for
several years. Every time you send me one of these ‘spam’ email I have
complained, and my email address has eventually been removed for a short
time, but it appears you are not honouring these removals.
You are in breach of the ‘Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC
Directive) Regulations 2003’ and i would like to formally request that my
email address be completely removed from your system.
Also as you are a UK company I would like to formally request that you send
details of how I can obtain from yourselves a full copy of all information
you hold about myself on your computers. This is in regard to the Data
Protection Act, and I trust this matter will be dealt with quickly.
Thank you for your time
Rich Pedley

Although no reply was received the emails, and so far the newsletters have ceased.

Hopefully this article will not be continued…

Updated: UK2.net 2 years on on 10/11/2006

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  1. Rich says:

    Hi Craig,

    what is the name of that specialist company, if I find time I’ll do some investigating.

  2. Jay N says:

    I have vowed never to use uk2.net again after many various problems with them and their attitude towards supporting their customers, which has been made plentifully clear to be something along the lines of “once we have your cash we have absolutely as little as we can to do with you, as we find customer support in general to be a waste of our time. If we have to have contact with you, we do it on *our* terms, and take as long as we like about it, and if you don’t like it you can go post web forms until you’re blue in the face”.

    For those that support uk2.net’s so-called “DIY ethos” (read as ‘low staff, high profit ethos’), wait until you wish to achieve something that requires uk2.net’s co-operation…

  3. JohnH says:

    Found this site trying to remember the extremely well hidden “how to move your page away from uk2.net” URL.

    I’m currently moving everything over to 1and1.co.uk as each domain expires. I’m sure there are some horror stories about them too, but so far they PEE on UK2. Not least, I have a single web hosting account (web space, PHP etc), and finally proper virtual roots for each domain – so mydomain1.co.uk => /dom1, mydomain2 => /dom2, and meanwhile I run my business on the _real_ root of the web space => /. Compare this to the UK2 model of “each site needs to buy its own web space, add on PHP, add on mysql etc… nightmare).

    DNS is web controlled as well, at least as far as subdomains etc – I’ve not tried anything more complex than that to be honest.

    Anyway, so far I’m pretty pleased with the customer service (actual telephones!) and the the technical service. Call me at renewal time and see if I’m smiling still 😉

  4. Mark S says:

    Has anyone actually got any experience of using the http://amail.co.uk/moveaway.htm page to move a .uk domain? They seem to insist on changing the name server entries days (if not weeks) before the retagging is performed. I imagine that this means you will lose your website/email unless you can get someone to host your DNS entries.

    I cannot believe how appalling their website is in terms of both navigation and design. I had to contact their support department to get the above URL.

  5. The move away page: in theory you don’t experience more than a few hours loss of site or email when transferring across to a new ISP, in practice we lost our site for 4 days, with knock on problems such as loss of contact with customers who thought we’d done a flit with their money when they started to get email not deliverable messages. If ever we have to do it again we will be emailing all our contacts in advance to advise them that this may happen. In this case, and to be fair to UK2, the problem may have been caused by the ISP that we transfered one of our domains to. That was never resolved. We now do everything via http://ellicottcitygraphicarts.com/ and have not had a single problem with the 10 domains that they host for us,


  6. Lena Semaan says:

    I am struggling with the UK2.net transfer form. Can anyway tell me please what is a joker handle? I am nearly in tears…Girl in distress

  7. jai says:

    well… i just gotta say – i’ve been with uk2 for years, at least 5 years, maybe 7 or so. and so far, i’m perfectly happy with them (touch wood) – am hoping posting this doesn’t put a jinx on that, but so far, it seems fine. i had a problem last year renewing my webspace – somehow the dates had gotten misaligned or something – i sent them a message about it, it was resolved quickly and the sites run smoothly ever since

    just thought i should add a mention – not everyone’s experience with them is horrific – although, to be honest, i’ve yet to try and move a domain from them to somewhere else, if that time ever comes, i’ll be sure to update you all on how it goes

  8. Michael says:

    Has anyone got an up-to-date phone or fax number for UK2? The ones above have been disconnected. Our MySQL server has been down for 21 hours and they have not answered any one of the 20 support requests we have sent them. We are at our wits end, any contact details appreciated.

  9. Jenny Barrett says:

    We too are at our wits end. All our sites are still hosted on a raq3 machine with UK2 and all their raq3’s went down around 1am on 15th. Despite repeated requests, nobody has bothered to tell us what’s happening. Anyone have any ideas what we can do?

  10. Rich says:

    Threaten them with Data Protection Act and ask them to disclose all information they hold on you…

    Actually no that won’t really help. If their forums are still active you could try posting on there and see if you get a responce.

  11. mark says:

    I am soo glad I found this page I was just about to sort out hosting our 3 domains with them.
    We have 5 domains in total and 2 hosting packages I belive.

    I can personally reccomend 123-reg.co.uk for domain reg and admin, they don’t charge a penny more for many of the services that uk2 charge for.
    I can also personally reccomend i-websolutions.co.uk for hosting, again they charge for the space, provide tonnes of features and their tech support is both knowledgable and very fast. (I have the owner on msn messenger and he responds to even the simplest question.

    Some research required for uk2 methinks.

    cheers guys


  12. chloe tebby says:

    Just to say that today i used there online support facility where you type/talk to them and they responded immediately and resolved an issue for me. The thing I dislike the most is there ad banner on web diversion which they charge to remove. Very annoying and inappropriate.

  13. Hamilton says:

    I have been trying to transfer a .com from uk2 to Force9 for 8 months, both myself and Force9’s hostmasters have beening sending emails and logging calls including paying additional fees for someone to try and take action, but all to no eval, even hostmaster to hostmaster between ISP’s they do not respond, UK2 support that is. There service is beyond understanding. We have not had any productive emails from UK2 letting us now what is required to acheive the transfer. Does anybody now who is the governing body which can take up disputes with like this. It feels like I am being held to ransom, but I will not pay another penny to UK2, I had to just to keep the domain which was only 3 months ago, well after the time the domain should have been transfered. They are the most unprofessional and negative customer facing company I have ever come across.

  14. Kate Wild says:

    I have had my site up for 3 months now (hosted by UK2.net) and it does not appear in any search engines in ant respect. We have promoted the site through software applications and online submissions on a regular basis. Would anyone have any idea why websites hosted by UK2 not appear in search engines?

  15. Rich says:

    So far as I know they do! But these days it can take several months for sites to appear. 3 months may seem a long time, but I have come across sites that have taken nearly 6 months to appear.

  16. kevadamson says:

    I am trying to transfer my main business domain away from UK2 to 123. They changed the nameservers immediately(!) –

    “We normally change tags within 7-14 days, but
    the nameservers will be changed now”

    but the domain is locked!

    I’m scared. What should I do???

  17. Rich says:

    Get in touch with 123 and see what they suggest, they may(wor even should) be able to help.

  18. kevadamson says:

    should uk2 have changed my nameservers even though the domain was locked?

  19. Paul Blitz says:

    Hey, guys, thanks for all this useful info… yes, I’m having UK2 problems as well.

    I raised a support call to (try to) move one of my domains out to Simply 2 weeks ago….no reply of course. The domain name just expired, so the only real thing I could do is to pay more £ to the thieving B*st*rds at UK2.

    I’m probably gonna try the “move out” page to move my 5 domains…. thanks for whoever it was that provided the URL!!

    The other possibility is to go to Nominet, pay 30 quid, and they will change the domain tags to point to your new provider (and it will, I suspect, be £30 well spent!).

    I’ve been using Simply (now part of NamesCo) for several work domain names, and they seem to provide good support (and someone you can PHONE!)… ok, they made one screw up a few weeks ago, but they sorted out the problem to my satisfaction almost instantly.


  20. Barry Peters says:

    Don’t touch UK2 for hosting.

    I had a Windows 2003 box with them with email support. Once I had a problem and got no response from emails – I upgraded to telephone support (even that took two weeks to get a response).

    Once I had telephone support – it made NO difference. There is never an answer to the phone – you always leave a message. No calls ever were returned and the response was always just as bad as the email support – i.e. several days and sometimes weeks for an answer.

    The issues we had were critical and related to problems outside our control i.e. like upline DNS and we were really scr*wed without there help.

    I totally beleive that these guys are conmen and crooks and you should not risk anything with them.

    I you have a domain name or good forbid a box with them – move it before you have a problem. Since you WILL regret it at some stage.

  21. Paul Blitz says:

    I managed to move my 5 *.uk domains away from UK2 with very little pain:

    1) I did NOT let UK2 do it! At £12.95 per domain, it’s not cheap!

    2) go to http://www.nominet.org.uk and they can do it… it costs £15 per domain, maximum £30 (plus VAT) to move them. You fill in your details & pay online, print off a .pdf which you sign & fax (or mail) back to them along with a copy of drivers licence or a bill…. the domains were moved within a couple of days!

    3) I’m now with NamesCo: they have a phone number you can ring, and are far more professional.



  22. To be honest I have purchased lots of URL’s from UK2.net and have a few web sites running with no problem. UNTIL NOW. I have been using one of their free e-commerce web sites (www.frampton.info) for several years. I now find that although the site is up and running I am unable to make any additions, delections or changes to the shop. They clearly state that they do not support the e-commerce shops but the problem is at their end, not mine, and they are ignoring all my requests to fix it. I am losing a lot of business and my only option is to start a new e-commerce site with someone else which will take a lot of time, effort and money. To make matters worse I have only recently bought more web space from UK2 to start another e-commerce shop.

  23. I wrote to you yesterday regarding my problems with UK2.net. After numerous emails I have to say that they have now sorted out the problem for me. It now restored my faith in UK2.net

  24. Chris says:

    I have had problems with UK2.net and Joker but managed to resolve it. The reason for my post is just to say that when changing the domain owner details on Joker (UK2 had set it up) there was a contact number
    +44 20 7987 1200 might be worth seeing if its UK2’s???
    Hope this helps anyone who is having problems contacting UK2.

  25. Meffid* says:

    If I ever feel the need to hang myself at work, please remind me how extremely difficult to complete a simple task with UK2.

  26. Ian says:

    Loadsa people with problems with UK2! Must admit, i’ve never tried to move a domain away from the company, but then again – i’ve never needed to! Yeah, you may not be able to speak to them live, but, for me anyway, the ticket system has worked, and worked well anytime i’ve needed to use it. I’ve had them host 40+ domains for more than 7 years now – and 6 websites for the same length of time – along with all my e-mail requirements. Sure – sometimes there is an e-mail outage, but sooner or later it is sorted, most often within 24 hours. Mebbe some folks get ants in their pants about internet technology, I don’t know! Slow down peeps! You get what you pay for!

  27. Samuel Hills says:

    I had a look at the transfer away form a year ago… they indeed wanted £19 admin fee AND a fax (even though I dont have a fax machine) then… today… by chance, I tried the form again, and it said “you have been with us long enough so dont have to pay to move away…”.
    That was a relief! I didn’t have to send them a fax! I just filled in the tag 123-REG and… done.
    I HATED their DNS control panel. It didn’t let me specify glue records (IP’s) for nameservers WITHIN my domain (like ns1.samspin.co.uk I got an error message “Nameserver does not exist. Please create it first.”. HOW??
    And it says in stylish writing at the top of the page “Professional DNS management”.. which adds to the annoyance… (it’s in your face).
    Eventually, I worked out that if parked my domain at everydns.net (ns1-ns4.everydns.net), then I specified the IP’s for ns1.samspin.co.uk and ns2.samspin.co.uk at those nameservers, (then waited a few hours for propagation) then UK2 would know what the IP’s were for ns1 and ns2 .samspin.co.uk and THEN would let me set them.
    At 123-reg, it gives you the option to specify IP’s for the nameserver records AND allows you to transfer away INSTANTLY! AND FREE DNS! NO HAVING TO SEARCH FAR AND WIDE FOR A HIDDEN TRANSFER AWAY PAGE! It is so much easier now!
    S T A Y A W A Y F R O M U K 2 !
    G O 1 2 3 – REG !

  28. Martin says:

    Hi guys i have been reading all of your posts whinging about uk2, funny the only reason am i reading this post is because i want to whinge to , when there is a problem like my site going down, and loads of sites hosted with UK2 you cannot geld hold of anyone, not even their site works properly to contact them.

    I tried the number above and it worked but goes nowhere…

  29. Mike says:

    UK2.net are little more than a bunch of crooks.

    for a number of years now I have owned a number of domain names registered via UK2.net.

    I now wish to transfer away from UK2.net

    Unfortunately, UK2.net has listed themselves as the admin and tech contacts for my domain and refuses to change them.

    We have made several requests for UK2.net to release this domain via their op-out page located at http://amail.co.uk/moveaway.htm all of which have been ignored. We have also raised numerous online support tickets. The only reply we have had is one saying that they have a policy of not listing customers as either the tech or admin contact.

    The bottom line is buy from UK2.net and THEY will have full control over your domain name NOT YOU!!!

  30. stewart says:

    Well i only aim to emphasise what the majority of people are saying here! the customer service UK2 provide is extremely poor. we have mail issues on a regular bassis. im so fed up with them we are renewing all services to another provider. complete asses uk2!!!!!

  31. Ivor Biggon says:

    I am SOOO fedup with this company. I cannot transfer domains away atall even though UK2 are the registered agents. I have just purchased uk2uk2.net – watch this space!!!

  32. Hi Guys,
    I am not sure if its wise of me to write on this board – but oh well, I have never been one to run and hide 🙂

    With 1000’s of servers, 100k’s of clients and more than 1 million domains sold, UK2 has been a major player on the European hosting scene since ’99.

    I am aware of the issues UK2 has had throughout the years, especially regarding our level of support.

    UK2 has gone through a transition during the last months. New 24/7 support setup, new product line, new website, new employees – and yes, new management (ie. me :))

    I have been put in charge of the company to get things back on track and move the company from a pure technocratic focus (Our network has always been rock solid) to a customer-centric company.

    I could go on about the process we are going through, and what my goals for UK2 are, but this is not the place for that.

    However, if you (or anyone else) would like to hear more about the “new” UK2, then feel free to contact me directly: ditlev[at]uk2.net.
    Also, if any of you still are having problems with moving domains away from us, send me a mail, and I will run it through as a priority in our support department.

    I wouldnt be visiting this site on a regular basis, so if you have something to tell me, its better to contact me directly.


    Ditlev Bredahl
    Director, UK2

  33. Rich says:

    That was very brave of you to post Ditlev, and thank you for doing so.

    I dare say that future comments here will hopefully dwindle if you are indeed correct.

  34. David Lee says:

    I have had a week of ongoing problems with UK2.net. All I want to do is have personal nameservers setup for my domain but UK2 seem unable, or unwilling to do so.

    Either my support requests are ignored, or they simply repeat the request for more information. I eventually received a response agreeing with the appaling service and promising to sort it out, and then nothing….

    I was told I had to pay extra for Professional DNS Management, which I have done but the facility has still not been setup.

    I have sent another support request and now that is being ignored.

    My website has now been down for a week!

    I can only beleive that they are puposely trying to annoy me. They simply can’t be that inefficient can they?

  35. Chrys says:

    I agree with the adverse comments. I, too, had a bad experience a couple of years ago when uk2 refused to let me transfer my domain name away. I lost the domain name. I didn’t realise that uk2 kept the admin and tech contacts themselves. I found lots of adverse comments on the web, too, but too late.
    But I was astonished to see in today’s Travel Observer there’s an article by some guy who’s set up a website in France, praising uk2 as the uk’s largest hosting company.

  36. Peter says:

    UK2 do now have a proper ticketing system for service requests. The one that I raised yesterday actually got a reply, which is a massive improvement on dealings that I had with them in 2005

    I had to raise a more important query today, it remains to be seen what the response will be.

  37. Peter says:

    Well my ticket (and a second one I raised later) both had prompt replies. Unfortunately as I needed a reply to a webmail account I used a Hotmail address and neither was actually delivered!

    UK2 10/10 Hotmail 0/10

    Moral – never use Hotmail as the reply address on an automated ticketing system. I remembered afterwards seeing comments in another service provider’s forum that the Hotmail non delivery issue is widespread.

  38. Naresh says:

    I’ve just contacted Ditlev with a request to transfer all of my domains away from UK2 (after terrible treatment from their much improved ticket system). I will post the results here!

    I’ve got 29 domains with them at the moment (after having to use the Joker method to move the other 30) and I do hope that he helps me out. I haven’t lost all faith yet, but I’m hanging on a string here.

    My email was amicable and friendly, so wish me luck (in thought) and we shall see how this unfolds.

  39. Naresh says:

    Ditlev is extremely friendly and absolutely a massive turnaround on the service given in the past. If you’ve got any issues that UK2 support can’t help with, or if you’re getting frustrated, contact him.

    He also pointed out that I said that I received “terrible treatment.” Let me put that in context.

    The support team were doing their job, and were not rude, nor were they missing my point. The issue that I have is their policy of charging £12.99 for a transfer if your domain isn’t two years old. Technically this is allowed by ICANN (http://www.icann.org/transfers/dnholder-faq-03nov04.htm).

    I am not disputing this policy no matter how immoral I believe it is. Though I do feel somewhat cheated, I have not been as it is clearly stated in their Terms and Conditions (http://uk2.net/tandc.html).

    What can I say? I naively put my trust in them and foolishly clicked “I accept” as many of us have done in the past, and I’ve learned my lesson, especially for registrars. If I had known of this policy, I wouldn’t have been with them in the first place, so caveat emptor: ALWAYS read the Terms.

    The support is vastly improved, and help is at hand if you’ve got a problem that they can’t solve. As for transfers…don’t even think about it. For a world where things change every month online, two years is pushing the limit on a company that prides itself on its modernity.

    “Our fee of £12.99 for transfer of domains is levied when these domains are less than two years old. This allows us to continue selling domain name registrations below cost. If you wish to transfer your domain to another registrar, the procedure is to complete the previously advised for at http://amail.co.uk/movewaway.html [sic, it’s actually http://amail.co.uk/moveaway.html%5D where your payment will be arranged. In addition, this form provides authentication, logs various details that you supply, and other features.” – From a support ticket.

    With regard to rock bottom prices, I have my own personal doubts as it’s about £24 PER year with UK2. I recently bought a .co.uk for about USD $18 with another registrar for TWO years (NameCheap – I’m not affiliated, just shopping around after six years with UK2 – my website is www+ dot+ bleak + image +dot +com – remove spaces and +’s).

    This is going from the prices listed on their front page. Don’t forget the charge for “Full WebDiversion,” i.e. without the UK2 banner ad and pop-up, which is £11.99 per year, or £18.99 for two.

    For many other registrars? Log in. Unlock. Go to your new registrar. Initiate transfer. Confirm by email. Done. No charges, no nonsense.

    Good luck chaps, I’m going to bail out of UK2 one domain at a time as they become eligible for it without charge.

    I hope that I have stated facts here along with personal experience, and not unfairly nor maliciously libeled. Although I’ve had a bad experience, this does not mean that you won’t be happy with UK2, nor might you have the same problems.

    If I have any other major developments, I will post here again.

  40. Shirley Nzeh says:

    I bought a dedicated server from UK.net a a hefty all in on eprice. Was asked to confirm my identity by fax, or email. Did so in both ways because I was getting no responses and four days later have no response of any kind. I have emailed the address the provided again and it is bouncing back with the following message: “hannahmi@gonzo.uk2.net
    (ultimately generated from serverconfirmation@uk2.net)
    Connection timed out:
    retry timeout exceeded”

    UK2 is not a professional company and is not to be trusted. I now have to find a way to get my money back

  41. Chris says:

    I must say, UK2 are the worst, most arrogant company I have ever dealt with. In my experience, they don’t acknowledge mistakes, they insult the customer, and they ignore emails. Customer service seems to be an alien concept. I’ve just cancelled my server lease today. I’ll go into details once I’m sure I’ve got my refund!

  42. David says:

    My rant is simply good old visit counters… I’ve been with UK2 since 2001, and I’d used counters from Bravenet (with all the pop us and ads) plus a few drop outs etc. I stumbled across UK2’s simple counter system about two years ago, and set up a simple basic counter which looked good and straightforward. It had stumbled a few times, and I always received a propmpt and courtious reply, always a “sorry” email, and always a resolution.

    19th September this year the counters stopped. A Friday afternoon it meant the weekend would need to be monitored some other way. I had one site with a regular 1,000,000 hits per month coming up to 90,000 visitors, and a much smaller one http://www.goldenboulder.org.uk just coming up to 10,000. Interesting milestones for both sites.

    The response from Shaheen in support has been almost robotic and completely void of real detail. Phrases such as “The team who are addressing this issue inform me…” only serve to show they have missed the point entirely.

    I have set up a log of the proposals they offered, my actions, and their inability to resolve such a simple situation in what is now over 1 week!

    I now have the good old (clunky) Bravenet script in opeation again just to keep track of what’s happening, and “The Team” have obviously got bored with looking at this issue…

    http://www.hagstrom.org.uk/temp.htm provides the history.

    Has anyone got any ideas how to help “The Team” and my various domins all now in a state of numeric flux! I had up to recently been spared the prblems encountered by so many, but did a search and ended up here. Is there a formal welcome or anything?

  43. David says:

    Well the saga continues with the (I’m sure well meaning) Shaheen, but after 10 days we have come full circle. I’m now being advised what I was already advising them wasn’t working! How much patience do you have to have!

    You can see the history here:
    You can see the complete UK2 Support (LOL) text here:


  44. Rod says:

    I wish I had found this site before I set my site up with UK2!!!
    How come BT, Yahoo and Hotmail won’t allow forwarded emails from UK2’s servers – straight from Shaheen, got emails to prove it – major problem.
    Got Shaheen to agree to refund me for the hosting an mail diversion, only to be told that I must then pay another £15 to transfer my domain away – bloody cheek! Had to pay them, but now going to invoice them for my wasted time £400 an hour seems about right.

  45. Ron says:

    I have three domains with UK2, I had more but I let the others lapse(too much hassle). One they constantly bombard me with renewal notices at least 6 months before the due date, the other two nothing and consequently they didn’t get paid on the due date and have been wiped off their system. Customer support is non-existant and I course they don’t use telephone support. Try it for yourself, they won’t answer you. Now they want to set up auto renew on your credit card, that sounds like a recipe for disaster, they’ll have you by the balls and without support that’s gonna hurt.
    UK2..screw you.

  46. Andy says:

    Although I have admiration for Ditlev Bredahl for posting on this site, I think it’s much too little too late for UK2, and a case of trying to close the stable door after the horse has already bolted.

    UK2 customer service is still abysmal. Yes, they now have the ticker system and you do get answers, but they are still stock answers; “we are aware there are problems and we are looking into them” and the likes. Unfortunately they are still lacking results which are what counts.

    Their mail servers are constantly having problems – anyone tried to log into webmail recently? Maybe you’ll get in once every five tries. And mail seems to take days to arrive – if it arrives at all.

    Anyone use their ‘free’ formmail.pl script? Well good luck! The mail never arrives. Last week I did a test using the formmail script 50 times, at various intervals throughout the day. 37 arrived, most 2-3 days later. Now if someone uses that for a business God knows how much revenue will be lost.

    My company is in the process of transferring all our clients onto a new webhost, and we are now advising anyone against using UK2. Similarly, other directors of web design companies I know are doing the same, as are their colleagues.

    UK2 may have more domains registered and hosted than any other company, but I guarantee they are losing customers faster than any other host as well. They have a lot to do if they want to repair their reputation amongst web professionals.

  47. Duncan says:


    Thank you for at least looking in on this page and adding to it. We have 2 servers with UK2 and have for years. When it all works, everything is A-OK. When it goes pear-shaped the infuriating thing is the frustration of not being able to DO anything – we cannot get any support …

    EXAMPLE: Today, BOTH our servers went down for 40 minutes – the whole of both servers so it was a major outage. We can do a lot of business in 40 minutes, so that was a considerable monetary loss.

    Even http://www.uk2.net was down – which meant we could not get through to access to new “Contact Us” system.

    SO – Could you put ON THIS PAGE HERE contact details for your customers to use to contact UK2 technical support or anyone relevant at UK2. ALSO maybe you could email to your customer base once every month or 2, with your contact number for us to use in case of emergency.



  48. Hi guys, I haven’t been here for a while, and I see that this goes on and on 🙂

    Listen, I have put my direct email (ditlev (@) uk2.net), on this board/blog, promised everyone that I’d help out if needed…so if you actually have issues with UK2 why don’t you guys give me a hollar, and let me know what I can do for you?

    We are all working so hard in here to turn UK2 around, obviously I am aware that UK2 did have problems in the past, any Google post will show that back in the days our support were not the best one around (I remember looking through google before accepting the position as MD here, and actually had my doubts if it was too late, given all the problems that had been)…but we are turning it around, it is getting better and better – especially on the support side of things. We have lots more to come: Fully managed servers (via supremesupport.com), telephone support starting up in the beginning of 2007, lots of new products incl. windows hosting etc.

    Write me if you have problems, and I will help you out. That is a promise!

    Anyone that has contacted me through via mail would be able to tell you that I answer within hours, get the problems sorted out and leave you as a happy or a refunded client 🙂

    Again – let me know if I can do anything: ditlev (@) uk2.net – I don’t know how many webhost multimillion companies with +300k clients lets you deal directly with the MD if you have issues, so why not use this opportunity :o)

    Again, I won’t be here on a regular basis, so I can’t deal with problems posted directly here.

    Best regards,

    Ditlev Bredahl
    MD, UK2 ltd.

  49. Al says:

    My domain name has been hijacked by spammers and I recieve about 100 returned emails a day, UK2 say it is nothing to do with them, I emailed Ditlev Bredahl on his UK2 email addy and it was returned ‘not known’ ….I guess the only thing to do is use another provider!

  50. Rich says:

    Al that one really isn’t a UK2 issue, that is more a general Internet issue. Everyone is suffering because of spammers.

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