The Castle and The Sea

It was my sons birthday recently and he received the usual crop of presents. but this time there were one or two things that stood out.

The Castle.

Obviously this wasn’t any old castle, otherwise it would be pretty pointless mentioning it. This one came flat packed. 500 pieces. That all had to be put together when the little ‘un wasn’t about.
This was a problem though, I had never put together anything like this before. I wasn’t into the Airfix kits and the like when I was younger.

Construction started off fairly easy, as all the pieces were numbered, a bit like paint by numbers. As time progressed though I realised that I needed to use more and more glue… But in the end there was only one major mistake. See if you can spot it in the following pictures.

The castle in all its gloryThe rear of the castle

The dolls furniture was assembled by my other half, and was again flat packed.

The Sea.

This was a complete surprise. A picture as big as a bed, well almost 6 ft by 3 ft. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It was painted by a group of artists from Aberystwyth University.

The sea picture hanging in my sons bedroom

Eagle eyed viewers may notice a few holes in the wall…
This was casued by trying to drill into a hollow wall and hitting the wood. The polyfilla will be brought out at some point to hide these!

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