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My mind is on a permanent tangent

Tesco Support, bad, really really bad, and accessibility failure.

Follow Up to Tesco Contact Form!. So they got back in touch, of the 3 issues mentioned, they only talked about one. the fact I couldn’t read their email properly. Being asked if I have adobe reader to read their … Continue reading

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Tesco Contact Form!

This is a follow up to Tesco Spam. I had cause to use this contact form today. I had just ordered something from them and the email that came through was useless for reading without HTML, no text alternative and … Continue reading

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Tesco Spam

A few weeks ago I ordered from Tesco online. I then received one of their follow up emails suggesting I complete a survey, and then another and another … hourly. I wrote to Tesco: hi, thank you for spamming my … Continue reading

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came across a new acronym today – Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

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WordPress – oops

rather unfortunate advertising there… WordPress Users 10! (ok so it points to Nimber10gov website, but I find it funny.)

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Crashing Firefox

Note to self: 13 million characters in a textarea will crash firefox, either that or the associated javascript can’t handle it…

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