Tesco Support, bad, really really bad, and accessibility failure.

Follow Up to Tesco Contact Form!.

So they got back in touch, of the 3 issues mentioned, they only talked about one. the fact I couldn’t read their email properly. Being asked if I have adobe reader to read their email is perhaps one of the most surreal things I have been asked in some time. Trying to explain to someone how to fix it who hasn’t got a clue was a waste of time, though I do hope I’m wrong.

No Tesco you do not need to use that to read you emails, you need to send out a text alternative to the HTML crap that you sent out. It was malformed HTML and I couldn’t read the email unless I read it in HTML mode. I guess their concerns about web accessibility has gone down recently then.

Before the BS standard for web accessibility was released, I was part of the team from GAWDS (Guild of Accessible Web Designers) that was involved with PAS78. So yeah it’s nice to check up on some of the big companies that have supposedly good web accessibility every now and then. Tesco, you failed with this one, the email, and the customer service. Satisfaction: 0.

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3 Responses to Tesco Support, bad, really really bad, and accessibility failure.

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  2. lynne says:

    is it just complete arrogance that tesco just dont give a sh**they don’t improve their websites they just think we will put up with such bad customer service havent they heard of asda or numerous other sites available to us why is it that we brits put up with such crap!!!

  3. lynne says:

    just to be a nag i have been waiting for about an hour for a new password yet again tesco website does not accept my password which i have used frequently it must be my fault for returning to their site and this forum ha

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