Updates, I ain’t dead!

Just over 3 years ago I managed to get a job working for a games company in the United States, specifically KIXEYE, though at the time it was still called Casual Collective. And I’m still there! This was pretty unexpected, although I’d been joking with them for a while that if they ever needed someone…

For over 10 years previous to that I’d been out of work, unable to effectively work for anyone, unless I could work from home. Not being able to work was not fun, so finding something where I could work from home was a perfect fir for me.

Now in those 10 years I didn’t sit there and do nothing, I learnt PHP(well I learnt some of the basics) amongst other things and in 2004 created eShop. That actually grew and grew until it became one of only a handful of shop plugins for WordPress. These days there are many, many, others on the market, most of which are considerably better than mine.

Since starting my job I have only done several bug fix updates to eShop. But it is getting to the point where I won’t be able to maintain it at all. However, I do have a plan should I ever get free time again, to rewrite the whole thing with better code and future proofing it even more than I have already done. This would not be compatible with previous versions, and would be a whole new product. However eShop took a very long time to create in the first place, so don’t expect this any time soon. But it is a long term plan, if I ever get to start it, I will be posting about it.

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  1. ???? says:

    Sorry but we are still using eShop even it could not be found anymore on WP.org…
    There are not solutions like yours :
    * templates for adding new gateway, etc
    * integration in many new themes without any coding

    I am not a coder but I stumble on the templates and may try a day to do something.
    On the way of rearranging the site, I am currently looking at other solutions but really free solutions for ecommerce with eshop simple functionalities are non existent. You always need to buy an extension/add-on. For us, our site is a “possibility” for buying – indeed most of the readers are on Amazon or other market place.

    Good luck for your job and health problems.

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