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My mind is on a permanent tangent

Order Fuel Online

Just came across this – must be one of the best ideas in a long time. Petrol Direct

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Blame the developer

Do not worry. Just blame the developer because you obviously didn’t make a mistake. Ignore all the evidence, the database backups, the time stamped changes, just blame the developer.

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Time out

For some reason amazon decided to give me a link to the following product: Time Out pad. I think I’ll refrain from commenting.

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Feature creep

Whilst coding, or scripting, why is there always one more feature to add?

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WordPress coding blind

While awaiting for some files to be sent back to me, I decided to code another part of the plugin. However some of it I can’t test until I integrate it. So I have basically just coded a page blind, … Continue reading

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Making a bed

Lias Bluestone over on Live Journal took about 3 hours to make a bed. I have just taken 13 hours!

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