Blame the developer

Do not worry. Just blame the developer because you obviously didn’t make a mistake. Ignore all the evidence, the database backups, the time stamped changes, just blame the developer.

An email has gone missing, don’t worry just blame the developer. After all it can’t be your fault, oh no that would never be the case. It must be the fault of the developer.

Don’t worry about not answering requests for help and assistance because it isn’t your fault, after all it won’t affect you. Ignore this chance to help the lowly developer. The developer is the enemy, you don’t need to be polite to them. Be nasty, be rude, ignore emails. Blame the developer.

When all goes wrong don’t even think of blaming yourself, just blame the developer.

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4 Responses to Blame the developer

  1. JackP says:

    Bad day at the office, dear?

  2. Rich says:

    Whatever made you think that! It takes more than a single bad day…

  3. JackP says:

    I recall plenty of similar situations…

    “your database isn’t working! I need you to get it to do X”
    “it does X.”
    “no it doesn’t”
    [goes round to office]
    “look, click here on ‘do X’, say ‘yes, I am sure’, and it does it’.
    “well it wasn’t doing that before…”

    …which have led me to believe that PCs and information systems have some sort of ‘sympathy’ with their developers/support people. If the developers/support people are nearby, the PCs or systems are happy and work fine — but if the developers aren’t in the office, the PCs become sad and start to work incorrectly.

    Or it could be user error… but as the users assured me that they had carried out exactly the same steps as me, I can only presume that my proximity to the PC has a direct impact on how likely it is to work….

  4. Fogey says:

    Good points!

    Ive had people say to me things like “Well, when I do this, this happens and the computer freezes.”

    I go into the room, and – hey presto! = the PC works fine…I definitely think Jack has a point!

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