Making a bed

Lias Bluestone over on Live Journal took about 3 hours to make a bed. I have just taken 13 hours!

Cabin bed Now this was no ordinary bed, it was a Vision Single Cabin Bed with Comfort Mattress from Argos.

It didn’t go well, even though the majority of it went together smoothly.

  • There is one screw that completely missed the hole it was supposed to go in, though luckily it is fairly hidden.
  • 2 screws that didn’t screw in all the way – I had to drill holes in the attaching piece to hide the heads, and allow the thing to fit together.
  • Another screw that was visible and didn’t go all the way in, though a hammer does sometimes come in handy and the screw got knocked in.
  • The wardrobe doors were too big and didn’t slide as they were supposed to. I tried sanding them and it didn’t work. But after several attempts and the use of 2 metal washers and a small strip of wood we managed to skew the bad enough to get them to work.

Then of course the problem that the bed is so heavy it takes 3 of us just to move it a few inches, not that it is a problem as I don’t envisage it moving again any time in the near future.

Plus of course all the aches and pains that are now following – neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and toes of all things!

Self assembly furniture is all very well, but it really is about time the need for screws is removed from the equation. Maybe I should stick to metal furniture in future.

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