paypal and wordpress

Recently I have been revisiting some scripts and trying to adapt them to use in a plugin for WordPress. This won’t be made available at the present time as it was custom designed for a friend, but I may look at adapting it for future use.

So I had learn how to write a plugin for WordPress at the same time as trying to get the scripts to interact with paypal. Not an easy task. Paypal doesn’t play nice and many features in the sandbox are very limiting. The main one of which is the amount that a personal account can spend, it seems to be set at 1000 UKP. When hitting that level and not realising it you start to doubt your scripts, which are of course working properly!

Coding for WordPress was made much easier as I adapted things from another plugin, but I still had to learn as I went along.

It’s been about 2 weeks since I started, and I’ve just completed the initial bug testing phase. All has gone relatively well, just the usual hiccups along the way.

But I really hate paypal, after testing the same portion of the script over and over again just to get to the completed payment page… it really becomes tiresome!

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3 Responses to paypal and wordpress

  1. Mike Cherim says:

    I can corroborate your story 😉

  2. Rich says:

    and another few weeks later and I can say that the final stretch is now in sight!

  3. Rich says:

    of course this final stretch has to take place when paypal’s sandbox goes of in a huff.

    I may even have finished, just waiting for the final word…

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