Tesco Spam

A few weeks ago I ordered from Tesco online. I then received one of their follow up emails suggesting I complete a survey, and then another and another … hourly.

I wrote to Tesco:


thank you for spamming my inbox on the hour every hour for the last 6
hours, I assume this will continue until the time has run out.

May I do the same in return and spam you, no? well please don’t do it
to me.

thank you.

next day I get a response:

Thank you for your email and please accept my apologies for the delay in my

I’d also like to apologise that you’ve been inundated with messages from us, as
I too would feel equally unimpressed. Please rest assured that I’ve now
unsubscribed your email address to prevent this from happening in future. Please
kindly allow up to 14 days for this to take affect.

To which I replied:

thank you for you reply, I do hope you were being sarcastic when you said it could take up to 14 days for this to take effect.

That response does not instil me with confidence, and to be honest sounds like you are extracting the urine.

Follow up: Tesco Contact form!

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3 Responses to Tesco Spam

  1. Jo says:

    They seem to be spammers. I signed up at the official Tesco site to keep track of any clubcard points, and made sure to opt out of any email options. Still they send spam ads, obviously from Tesco.com so I thought it was safe to change the settings (that I never accepted in the first place) to not accept any email communication. They still send me Tesco ads/spam.

    Last time I shop there.

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  3. Rich says:

    That can be reported, because they are breaking several ‘rules’, not sure if it can be classed as being unlawful though. But I’d contact them and tell them to stop, and threaten them with the Data Protection Act if they don’t. Ask for a full copy of any data they have on you, most companies don’t like doing that.

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