Thunderbird 5.0, what a load of crap.

No not the Gerry Anderson one, sadly. But the pile of crap that Mozilla has released as the update to Thunderbird 3. No I’m not sure what happened to 4 either.

  • Inbox keeps crashing, no idea why.
  • Basic plugins don’t work – why the hell can’t you navigate from one read email to another?
  • Can’t compose emails properly, seriously, unable to add subject to recipient is kinda needed for an email client
  • Looks pretty horrible as well, no color at all for the button icons makes them hard to distinguish

So anyone know of a decent alternative?

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5 Responses to Thunderbird 5.0, what a load of crap.

  1. Rich says:

    Effing load of shit, pile of crap that this is has just lost 5 months of sodding work emails – I am not bloody amused.

    So I’ve upgraded to version 3.

  2. 2101bob says:

    Mine at least worked and didn’t lose anything. I just got fed up with an error going back some way, muttering that the Inbox had been corrupted by complying with my message filters, and that I needed to delete the inbox.msf … over and over again. I’ve also returned to 3.1.11 – which seems to be the consensus solution to a pretty wide variety of problems with Tbird 5!
    Perhaps we should’ve all remembered that v3 wasn’t broken, so we shouldn’t have tried fixing it?!

    • Rich says:

      I had that as well.

      Don’t know if anyone else had a popup to upgrade to 5 today or not… I did. I do hope I don’t get spammed by reminders for something I do not want.

  3. Ross Holloway says:

    Alarmingly bad, and mean really f***ing terrible.

    When I try replying to an email it don’t just allow me to type a response. No. I have to select an email account – why? The message was sent to one email account, the one I am replying from.

    Then I can’t click in the body content area for a weirdly rendered version of the mail I am replying to. (This seems to be an image that I’m being prompted to paste).

    I suspect this is all to offer me a level of control I have no interest in.

    I just want to reply to my email simply and quickly.

    Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

  4. Rich says:

    I’ve gone to the darkside and upgraded to version 12. Stupid number of releases just to bump the number, sigh.

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