Large Text / Small Text

Often when browsing I come across sites that are accessible, or at least try to be. As an admin of GAWDS, I perhaps come across more than a few. What has struck me recently is the plethora of alternate ‘styles’ that sites can be viewed in these days, from simple colour changes, to whole new designs. But today I’ll concentrate on perhaps the most basic of these, the large text / small text options.

When you think about it, having these options are a good idea, it allows a visitor to quickly change the font size of the text to a more comfortable reading size, be it large or smaller. But most designers forget to enlarge the Large Text on the small text style, and vice versa for the Small Text on the large text style.

By not changing the font size, especially for the large text option, how is someone supposed to be able to use that option if they can’t read it! Well ok it may not be that bad, as the majority of users that need a larger font will have already adjusted their system settings, but it is something to consider.

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