Mac Mini joys and woes

Yes I am proud owner of a lunch box, affectionately known as a Mac Mini. This a fun thing to play with after being used to Windows on PCs for so long. The interface is smooth and user friendly, just as well because the learning curve is steep.

One of the reasons for purchasing a Mac was to access various browsers, so in addition to Safari I installed the last version of IE (5.2.3). Already finding some weird and wonderful things in it.

The first is the cache settings, for some reason the default is set to: Update pages once per session. Which is fine, but even forcing a refresh doesn’t rfresh the pages!! This took me longer to sort out than it should have done.

Safari is ok, but is currently no Firefox, and unless I am missing a lot of settings is a bit spartan in comparison. But I dare say I’ll come to rely on it.

I will probably grab a copy of Camino at some point, but I would hope that its rendering is similar, if not the same as, Safari.

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2 Responses to Mac Mini joys and woes

  1. dotjay says:

    I’ve been enjoying my Mac mini. The last two weeks in London, the Mac has been my main computer. I’m slowly getting used to it. However, I had the advantage of having used OS 9 before getting the mini.

  2. Rich says:

    It is taking me time to get to grips with it. THough hopefully when I start playing with darwin it won’t be quite so bad, having played with cygwin before now. Though I would have liked to be able to access some of the files via a nice GUI, as I hate command line editors!

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