Firefox locked out

originally written on 14th Feb 2005

Whilst doing a few searches for some accessible websites I came across this one:
English Heritage

In Internet Explorer the page displays as you would expect, but in Firefox, my current default browser, you get redirected to a so called’ accessible version. This staement is shown on the page:

You have been redirected to the accessible version of the site as you are using a browser that is not currently supported on the graphics site.

I’d prefer graphics myself! But not supporting browsers these days is ridiculous! Having the nerve to call it the accessible version is like taking the proverbial.


Following an article on the BBC news site Websites alienate Firefox users I revisted the site. It appears that they have had a change of heart, and Firefox users can now access the full version of the site.

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  1. dotjay says:

    I found this really annoying. I noticed the problems with the site in April last year, when Jo and I were visiting places in the Lake District. I e-mailed them at the time about this problem – seems it’s taken them a year to think about fixing things!

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