Thunderbird and moving emails

I get a fair bit of email, all of which I leave in my main inbox until it is dealt with. After which I then move that email to the relevant place. Problem is Thunderbird doesn’t like quick mouse movements and any secondary, or deeper, menus disappear. I then have to into slow motion to get the menu to retain a focus. Moving emails is generally the cause of this issue.

It is a PITA.

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2 Responses to Thunderbird and moving emails

  1. dotjay says:

    I’m sure you already use it, Rich, but I find it useful to set up several mail filters to sort much of the load. It also helps a lot to get into a habit of leaving your inbox as empty as possible. Deal with things you know won’t take long straight away or create a “to action” folder or several which you review often. You tend to automatically prioritise stuff then.

    Well, it works for me anyway.

  2. Rich says:

    I used to, but unless you can deal with an email straight away that can actually be more problematical. I prefer to have everything come into my inbox, and it stays there until it is dealt with. I then move it to the relevant folder, of which I have far too many *sigh*.

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