PHP and form processing

I hate PHP form processing, I really hate php form processing.

I am currently adapting a form creater and processor, and I am beginning to really hate forms. Though I am learning a whole lot about how to write an if statement, or two (or fifty…).

My only satisfaction being that once finished I don’t have to worry about creating forms for people in the future. They can go and ****** well do it themselves.

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2 Responses to PHP and form processing

  1. Richard says:

    Haven’t checked back here for a while. How is this going? I may have some XML source that might interest you :-), some of our sxForms stuff.

  2. Rich says:

    It is finished… but was only ever intended for use by clients of Black Widow Web Design.

    Based on aForm, which had to be heavily modified to get even the basic one running and compliant, it now produces:

    an all in one php processor, and html form
    includes site template to get it to match the site
    ability to list available forms
    ability to delete forms

    so I’m fairly happy with the result.

    Plus, as of yet, I have yet to even touch XML! I’m only jjust getting to grips with php/mysql…

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