Access Keys – revisted

Following on from Access Keys – a user centered approach I am now releasing a php Accesskey Class, This is far more portable than a series of functions, and hopefully easier to understand.

The demo at has been updated to use it. You may now download the AccessKey Class zip file which contains full instructions for its use.


  • Ability to decide which links you want to accesskey assigned to.
  • all functions in one class.
  • ability to use the class for all links, not just those with accesskeys.
  • clear all option.
  • XHTML or HTML options.

As with my original if anyone has any feedback, good or bad, please leave a comment. I would especially like to hear if anyone spots any errors.

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3 Responses to Access Keys – revisted

  1. Grant Broome says:

    Nice work Rich. I’d love to see an auto-assign button to aid the user in what could be a fairly repetitive task, but what you have here is excellent.

  2. Rich says:

    Thanks Grant, actually Gez has now done just that! His article User Defined Access Keys explains how the class has now been expanded, and recoded to be more portable and effective. Plus I have to admit his code looks nicer 🙂

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