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For the past week or so I have been investigating the possibility of creating a WYSIWYG editor that actually produced php markdown code, as opposed to mark up. After reviewing the situation, and comments by others, I believe that although this may be possible – it is certainly beyond my limited javascript skills.

Now you may ask why on earth would anyone want that? After all it is a fair question. The problem with current WYSIWYG editors is that they rely on javascript. If javascript is turned off, what do you get? yep loads of markup. However a lot of end users don’t want to see that, or get scared at the very mention of it. Plus the fact that they tend to produce sloppy coding, even from the better ones out there.

So the next best thing is to produce a tool bar that can insert the php markdown syntax. Now although this can give rise to more errors I feel justified in creating such a beast. Or rather adapting an existing script to fit my, and hopefully others, needs.

I have already started on this project, and if anyone is interested in the end result please let me know, and perhaps I’ll put the work in progress on public view.

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