php markdown accessible toolbar

Last month I wrote about the possibility of creating a Toolbar for php markdown. Today I can finally allow access to my work in progress.

Markdown Toolbar Development

[updated: May 6th 2006]

The javascript is hopefully cross browser compatible.
The toolbar only appears if javascript is enabled.
So far as I can tell it is navigable by the keyboard.
Accesskeys can be set for those that need them (though I am not happy
with the way my script is currently working).

I have taken out the ‘P’ button, though obviously the functionality is
there to adapt the toolbar so that and others can be created.

There is still one minor thing that bugs me, not being able to
increment the Num.List number. So if anyone can assist, please do.

Comments and feedback would be appreciated.

I release it as a downloadable package over on at some point in the future.

This post is a follow up to php markdown originally posted on the 29th March 2006.

[Update May 6th 2006]

I believe that work has now finished – apart from adding in some nice attribs for where I obtained the majority of the code.

This finished version includes the following extras…

Ability to preview the Markdown – without submitting the form!

If anyone wants a copy, before the official release, please feel free to contact me.

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