The Apprentice UK

Love or loathe him, Alan Sugar is a considerable force to be reckoned with. I watched the first two series of The Apprentice with interest, not just to see the antics of the contestants but to see Alan in action. I now see that they are asking for applicants for a third series. As such i thought I’d go and have a look at the
application form.

Not exactly well coded, why they needed to lay that out in a table is beyond me. OK so they may be collecting data, but believe me that table is there purely for presentation value.

However a few quotes from the page are interesting:

PLEASE NOTE We highly recommend composing your answers in a text document before filling in the form, as some browsers may lose data if an error occurs (for example, while validating the required fields).

The technology behind the form utilises php/mysql, so there is no need for anything to be lost!

Then further down this monster of a form:

Do you consider yourself to be in good physical and mental health? (As above, you will be asked to provide details at your first interview but will not be prohibited from the selection process).

Let’s hope that it is true, that people with different abilities will not be excluded. Might be nice to see a wheelchair user taking part!

Of course one of the problems for people might be that the form makes no use of label, which could hinder quite a few people from filling in the form.

I’d apply myself, but somehow don’t think they’d have me.

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