Back in March I bought a Linksys router. On the 11th June it failed. No lights, nothing worked. I contacted Amazon, where it was originally purchased. As it was just outside of there standard returns they asked if I would contact Linksys. I did so.

Within 5 emails I identified the problem as being the power adaptor. However there returns system is not very user friendly, even down to parsing postcodes incorrectly – when this was pointed out they just said that that was how there system worked! (UK postcodes require a space between the first set of digits an the second).

After that things started to go haywire. they didn’t answer my queries, or even in some cases have the decency to reply to my emails at all! But then after several more emails the phone calls started. My other half had difficulty understanding them, and I couldn’t place the accent. They also called at unusual times, especially after they had specificaly asked me when they could call. But after 10:30pm at night is not a good time.

Eventually they decided they would send out a power adaptor. 2 phone calls took place and each time I was asked which power adaptor, each time they were told UK 3 pin. What turned up was an EU 2pin. That prompted me to phone them.

This phone call looked promising, except that the guy at the other end seemed to insist that I had requested a 2 pin adaptor! But my phone provider had problems and the call was cut short.

Next day, another call from them. they are out of stock of UK power adaptors and they won’t be in until middle of August. I said I’d wait.

Next day, more emails from them, and they have chosen to send me a new router. It arrived yesterday, I haven’t tested it yet.

32 emails from them (and more from me to them) over 5 weeks.

Where are their support lines based? The Philipines, which explains the unusual accent.

This was not a good experience, and I still have one faulty power adaptor, one eu power adaptor, two routers, and one UK power adaptor (to be tested).

Problem is I don’t even need this router, we had to purchase a replacement back on the 12th June.

Linksys products may be ok, but I wouldn’t want to contact their support again.

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