Premier Travel Inn – yuck

I have often used Premier Travel Inn because for a family of 4 it can be somewhat cheaper than an ordinary hotel, or even a Bed & Breakfast. But after what happened last weekend in London I don’t know if we will be quite so quick to use them again.

It started off badly when booking as their server hiccupped and didn’t send out confirmations, but that was nothing compared to what happened when we got there! We were staying there for one night before heading off elsewhere and returning for a further two.

The first visit we got over charged. Breakfast for under 15’s is no free with a paying adult which was good news for us. But they tried to charge an extra breakfast for which we had to request a refund. Then we settled in the room to find a faulty kettle, a plug that was not screwed tight and a light that didn’t work. All minor but add to that the position of the ‘fourth’ bed which for some strange reason was situated right next to, and under, the electric convection heater! For that I quoted Health and Safety at them! They were not amused and at the time said various things like –

the kettle works so don’t complain

the extra bed is always there

Neither of which were acceptable. But good to their promise they gave us a refund.

However all of that pales when compared to the state of the evening meal. Now normally we would go elsewhere but I am not familiar with the area around where we were staying (Euston) so decided to risk it. We had 2 meals, the first night went ok ‘ish. The meals were smaller than they should have been and we later found out that they had given us the wrong drinks (half pint glasses aparently should have been a full pint!).

But the second night went downhill as soon as we sat down. Drinks came ok (yep this time a pint) and we ordered with no problem – 1 starter and 2 main meals for the kids. 40 minutes later our starter turns up along with one we didn’t order, and minus the extra garlic bread we did. The waitress asked – “Is this table 8?” – considering the tables have no numbers on them it seemed a daft question at the time. We explained this, and what we ordered to which the reply was – “Is this table 8?”. I guess they just can’t get the staff.

So 20 minutes later, and after chasing the meals, the kids meals turn up, minus the salad for one of them but with our garlic bread. Cold garlic bread that is.

I had asked for the main menu to be returned once we had finished our starter, but they didn’t bother. So eventually they pass that on, along with the dessert menu. My main course is then ordered along with everyone else’s desserts. They brought out my main course 1 hour 45 minutes after we had gone into the restaurant. It wasn’t even that nice, but everyone enjoyed their desserts. But by that time we had enough, and although I was still hungary decided to go.

During all of this we spoke to 3 or 4 waitresses, the manager several times and quite frankly the level of service was worse than I have experienced in a long time. Although we got a reduction in our bill the chances of going there again have been diminished.

At least during this second visit they gave us a different room – and even checked that we were OK by calling us shortly after we got there – at least they had kept a note of our previous visit.

Premier Travel Inn may be cheap but service should not be.

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