5 things

Looks like Grant Broome has tagged me for a meme. As it is my first, at least that I know of, I’ll join in.

So here is my list of 5 things that not many people know about me, at least online wise.

  1. I had my own business before I was 20 – this was a partnership and I had the sense to get out before it went bust. (A Clothes Shop for those that want to know.)
  2. I suffer from Crohn’s Disease
  3. I met my wife because we both read Terry Pratchett and ended up chatting to her online because of the newsgroup alt.fan.pratchett. As a result of which our son Kai was born. Hence we can blame Terry.
  4. I didn’t meet my parents until I was 2 months old.(I’ll let you work that one out for yourselves.)
  5. These days I don’t, mainly because I can’t, drink any alcohol. (see point 2 above.)

Now comes the point where I supposed tag other people with this meme, but most of the ones I would consider have already been taken! this is the problem with being so far down the tree. So here goes, with apologies to those already tagged:

  1. Gez Lemon
  2. Tracy Godding
  3. Bruce Lawson
  4. Derek Featherstone
  5. Ben Millard

Most of which I am sure won’t be joining in!

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