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Inaccessible sites

Web accessibility is a growing field, the rest of the world just needs to catch up with the few that are dedicated to it. However there are various sites out there that laud and honour accessible sites. I think it … Continue reading

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Google introduces Closed Captioning

Finally, Caption Playback. Ken Harrenstien is deaf, and he works for Google. He obviously had a vested interest in this particular project. Of course a side benefit is that it will allow for easier searching through video’s to find possible … Continue reading

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Rhianna Pratchett makes the grade

Nice to see that Rhianna is getting some recognition on her own merit. She has been listed on the Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women. Rhianna Pratchett designs stories and narrative for videogames, including game scripts, cut-scenes and in-game dialogue.

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The Con is over

As the more eagle eyed readers may have noticed i didn’t manage to blog anything at all during the Discworld convention. I have subsequently managed to write a few articles for the Chronicle Live however. My thanks tgo to the … Continue reading

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Discworld Chronicle – Live!

Chronicle Live was today opened up for public consumption. They hope to get bloggers active during the convention, details of which can be found on the main site If time permits I hope to be able to add an … Continue reading

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Back in March I bought a Linksys router. On the 11th June it failed. No lights, nothing worked. I contacted Amazon, where it was originally purchased. As it was just outside of there standard returns they asked if I would … Continue reading

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