PHP and migraines

I’ve been working on several scripts just recently.

Updating a gallery script for the Discworld Convention Site went fairly smoothly, though integration into someone else framework is never easy. It takes a while to understand how things were put together and what hooks you need to use, and more importantly what hooks you don’t need! For a lot of the time I was working on secure pages because I’d left in a function call! Still a fair bit of work to do, but most of it is cosmetic and once I get stuck in it should be easy going.

I’ve also been working on modifying a set of scripts I wrote a couple of years ago, making it more user friendly, easier to style, and adding functionality in that I had missed first time around. Can’t say much more on it at the moment, but if successful it could be useful for a lot of people. Of course the output is accessibility friendly – though I have yet to run any tests on it.

But yesterday and today I have suffered from another migraine. Trying to code during one of these is more than a little difficult sigh. But I struggle on as best I can. It would have been nice if the painkillers I take actually help but today sadly they didn’t.

bah grumble argh.

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