Chasing, chasing, chasing all day long

So what am I currently waiting for?

I’ve bought several things off the net recently and so far none of them have turned up. I’ve also had cause to ring a Support team – something I rarely do.

The list:

  • Television stands – 1 is due on Monday, but I ordered 2.
  • Television – is also due on Monday.
  • SD Memory cards – was in stock at time of purchase – and now no longer in stock and delivery date not even shown
  • Digital TV Support – Virgin Media seem to think that 5 days is ok for a call back with a support issue. It isn’t.
  • Web Hosting – free hosting(unable to move the site), but when they promise something they should still deliver.

some things had to be removed due to sensitive materials, but boiled down to colleagues not replying to various emails.

Customer Service from companies needs to improve, quoted delivery dates should be kept to – or at least if they can’t they should tell the customer straight away. Basic standard customer service and how to keep customers happy.

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