The Cabinet of Curiosities

Bernard Pearson , the Cunning Artificer, formerly of Clarecraft recently contacted my other half for a new web site. Following the closure of Clarecraft he felt there was a yet again a gap in the market that he could fill.He wanted to open a Cabinet of Curiosities.

Bernard already has a successful online shop, Discworld Emporium, but wanted this shop for all the non Discworld goodies that he creates. But he did want something a little bit different, and from the images he sent over it was clear that he had an old book in mind. An initial idea was easy, but implementing it became troublesome, however we nudged it, and tweaked it and came up with a site that looks pleasing – but more importantly was loved by Bernard and his team. It isn’t often you get someone ring you up just to say how much they like the design!

WordPress had been chosen from the out set. I had just completed the eShop plugin so it was an ideal choice, and chance to fully test the plugin. Everything went smoothly, well I say smoothly, actually utilising the plugin has allowed me to iron out various bugs, tidy code up where needed and enchance various features. All in all a very enjoyable site to be involved in.

Of course to test the shop properly I had to make a test purchase, so if you are on my list you may be getting an egg for Christmas!

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