Sky One webpage for The Colour of Magic

I’ve been looking forward to The Colour of Magic for some time (I won’t be seeing it on Sky One for various reasons) and have just seen this monstrosity and excuse for a web page.

There appears to be no alternative if you haven’t got flash. The keyboard navigation within the flash area is there but so mixed up to be of no use what so ever. The viewing size for the text is too small, the text itself cannot be resized. So anyone who can’t read that small print will just have to look at the pictures… No wait even they are too small as well and you can’t view larger versions.

To make matters worse they have used a pointer in place of the standard ‘arrow’ that looks like a wand. Combine this with music that is suspiciously Harry Potter esq. and you think of … Harry Potter! and not Discworld.

Don’t believe me – go and take a look: The Colour of Magic

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  1. Chris Hughes says:

    I have to agree — that is one terrible excuse for a web page. I gave up on it within seconds — some deezyner is obviously heavily into Flashturbation, and the visitor can go screw him/herself until he’s finished…

    I SHALL be watching it on SKY, most certainly! I can’t wait to see how The Luggage turns out!

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