For the last 48 hours…

I have been trying to get my wordpress plugin working. For no apparent reason it literally just stopped working, no idea why.

Locally it worked, but with this hosting provider it didn’t. I tried various versions of wordpress and my plugin and nothing worked here. Then I tried elsewhere. Free hosting is really really bad and not worth trying with – but I tried with 2 and got nowhere.

Then I was told I did have somewhere else to test online – so tested there to find out I couldn’t even get my plugin activated! So back to my local server, and eventually I decided to use WordPress’s built in debug feature. Basically turning error reporting on. Problem is WordPress has so many minor bugs that debugging my scripts made my life a bit more difficult than it could have been.

But after amending half of my scripts, all very minor things, it started to work again. But to be honest I don’t think the changes I made really affected this I suspect it to be a server issue. But in theory the scripts are now better, and I’ve learnt a few things in the process. Hopefully this will make a few future updates a bit easier to manage.

But during the tests today my PC somehow got a virus, a nasty one at that. AVG didn’t catch it either. Couldn’t use any search engine without being redirected elsewhere, and browsing direct became worse and worse. Luckily I had access to another PC and we found a solution, and within the hour my PC was all better.

But after 2 days of hassle with the scripts I’m tired, and have a headache – I might even go to and lie down to recover!

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