Transferring a site to WordPress

Some years ago I wrote a Content Management System. I’d written it because of the lack of good CMS applications out there. Accessibility wise my CMS was as good as the best ones out there. But as time moves forward I couldn’t see how much further I could develop it, without starting from scratch again.

So I’ve decided to stop working on it, and move a site that was using it over to WordPress. Of course I could have written some scripts to import things into WordPress, but there would be so much that needed tweaking it is easier to do it a page at a time.

Time consuming and mind numbingly boring.

But once set up things will be a lot easier to maintain due to some extra plugins. Mostly these have been written by others, with a few adapted by myself. My lack of javascript skills don’t allow me to tweak some of them as much as I would like, but I have managed to get a few older plugins to work in 2.6.*. Hopefully when 2.7 is released they won’t require further tweaking!

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