Tournaments galore

Over recent weeks, well months, I have been having fun writing scripts for pure pleasure. These have been specifically orientated around tournaments run my members of the gaming community over on Casual Collective.

So far I have a full blown tournament system, capable of single elimination, double elimination and also capable of handling single multiplayer games. Someone else has offered to help with a swiss style, and I have a script ready to add in. Hopefully some time soon. After that I’ll get around to adding in a round robin.

Then I have a ladder system, kept separate to make it easier for me, which seems to be running quite well. About a 100 people signed up for each ladder currently being run.

Along side this I also have a few script variations script keeping track of scores for one game, and scores/stats for another.

All this has helped me hone, and optimise, my mysql queries, so it has been time well spent.

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