Wiki plugin for WordPress

Last week I started thinking about writing a wiki plugin.

Yesterday I decided to write the plugin.

Today I finished the plugin.

Tomorrow I will tweak the plugin.

I will release it as soon as my SVN access is set up on for it.

I have kept to the KISS principal for this one. So it is extremely lightweight and lacking many features – but should be useful for anyone that just wants a small wiki on their site. It should cope with larger ones, but I haven’t thought too much about that – and it isn’t fully multisite compatible.

So look out for eSimple Wiki coming to a plugin repository near you soon!

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6 Responses to Wiki plugin for WordPress

  1. jim says:

    Be nice to see a demo. No such luck though..

  2. juhny says:

    I used [[title]] tag in posts and pages, but it seems not working.
    I can’t find any option in settings.
    How it works?

  3. Rich says:

    Does the page actually exist?

  4. Have you considered contributing to one of the bigger wiki plugins out there? I’d recommend you at least check these two out:

    BuddyPress Wiki Component

    WP-Wiki (very recently re-booted)

    Since they they’re both in early development and aren’t using any plugins to extend themselves, they even miss some of the features you’ve got now, like internal links. I’m sure either project would be happy to have you integrate a couple of these plugins with theirs.

    (personally I’d prefer a wiki plugin readily integrate-able with plugins such as interlinks, as opposed to actually bundled with it.)

    • Rich says:

      well… you could probably make a wiki from combining various different plugins, which is more or less what I’ve done. I just added in a few extra bits to tie them altogether.

      But by keeping them separate it does impact slightly on speed. (OK I’m probably not the best person to talk about that – I have no idea if my implementation is good or not).

      All my plugin is intended to is literally be small and easy(ish) to use. It isn’t meant for larger wiki projects, but for smaller ones. So no templates, no front end editing etc.

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