MBNA security fails

Yesterday I received an email I firming me my statement was ready. Decided to leave it until today, and as usual used my tablet to sign in. Except I couldn’t.

Problem 1

Apparently existing passwords with punctuation will no longer work, and the site advised me to change my password.

Problem 2

The page would not load. Wonderful. Ok they have been pushing the use of their app of late I’ll try that, on my phone as it isn’t suitable for tablets. Install it, try to sign in, and it fails and sends me to the website…

Problem 3

This time though it takes me to a page for me to change my password. Without realising I actually enter a new password that is too long, BUT it accepts it!

Problem 4

Ask to reset your memorable word, what memorable word! Never used one before, so set one up, not one I can actually remember though, and included numbers in it.

Problem 5

New password did not work.

Problem 6

New password did not work

Problem 7

Calling support. Did not have my card ready, retrieved it before I get through to a human, at least I think she was human, didn’t catch her name.

Problem 8

Ask for me to do the process again, so I do.. same result.

Problem 9

Asks me to do it again but checks a few things along the way. I’ve been entering my password wrong, it’s too long. It’s been 17 characters for years, and now the max is 15. Were there any warnings or errors no of course not.

Problem 10

Apparently the password cannot contain Upper case characters. Yes they decided to add that restriction in without telling anyone. Not only that but it doesn’t appear in any error or indeed anywhere in the login process. So I had no chance getting passed this with my new password.


MBNA decided to change things without informing anyone, and didn’t create useful errors to help people resolve this. Passwords are now less secure, removing punctuation and upper case letters is just ridiculous. Memorable word, or phrase, or randomised letters and numbers (like mine) are now an extra hurdle. If I used an easy memorable phrase that yes it would be easier, but it would also be easy for others to figure it out as well.

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