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Some of the weirder things that happen in my life

Convention Planning & scheduling

I always seem to be working on one script or another. Currently I’m working on just two – eShop my plugin for WordPress and a Convention planning/scheduling set of scripts.

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Discworld Convention 2008

is over.

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Giant Spider in Liverpool

La Machine comes to Liverpool in a big way. For Liverpool O8 they created one huge spider which was first seen on a building near Lime Street Station, before being carted away for inspection. But then it woke up and … Continue reading

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My site was hacked

Of course some of you may know this. The person that hacked in certainly does!

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Converting a script to a plugin

At the moment I am trying to do just that. Convert an existing set of scripts to be a WordPress plugin. I have done this before, but this time it seems to be taking forever, and I’m only on script … Continue reading

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Local Elections

Today, in fact it was this evening, I had a phone call from the local Liberal Democrats. At least I hope it was them! The call went something like this: Caller: Can we be assured of your vote in the … Continue reading

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