Discworld Convention 2008

is over.

No pictures this time as I was busy with ‘programme’ stuff. Started off extremely busy as soon as I got there on the Thursday. This continued into Friday. But things calmed down enough for me to enjoy the rest of it. I actually attended more items than normal, I even managed to stay for 5 entire items. Ok so 2 of those were the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and I was involved in running the other 3…

I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the positive feedback I have read about the web – I guess the Convention Committee(ConCom) did a good job! There have been a few minor points raised but nothing as major as last time (I still remember the bad food from 2006).

A big big thank you to all the people that helped with programme items – especially as I didn’t get chance to see the majority of them, and the others for only a few seconds. But also a thank you to all the attendees – without you the Convention wouldn’t have been a success.

I have volunteered my services to Brian – the Chairman of the Discworld Convention 2010 – again to be part of the programme team. Either way I’m looking forward to 2010.

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