Why not to use UK2.net

Updated: UK2.net 2 years on on 10/11/2006

Some years ago I received a birthday present in the shape of a domain name. That was when www.elfden.co.uk was born. At the time it was purchased through uk2.net because they were relatively cheap.

Everything went well, for a while, and I extended the domain name to a small hosting package as well. That was when the trouble began. The package lacked various little things like cgi and php. But at the time that wasn’t a problem.

Then came a time when I wanted to move the site. Despite the lack of fax machines in most peoples homes, they wanted a fax. Although we have several PC’s in the house, not one of them had any fax software. I scoured the web and eventually found something that sufficed and sent the fax. I was transferring my domain and hosting to UKWSD (UK Web Solutions Direct). Although the DNS took a while to be transferred, it all went reasonably well.

From there the trouble started! When I wasn’t even a customer anymore!

I was being sent their members newsletters. I tried to unsubscribe, but to do that you had to be a member, i.e. have an account with them. Of course my details had been deleted, and I couldn’t access anything.

I emailed them. Apart from the auto-replies, I didn’t receive anything. Then the following month, another newsletter. So I emailed again, adding in all the email addresses I could think of at the time. Finally a reply, yes they would remove me from their list.

3 months later I received another newsletter.

I started the cycle of emails again.

This same thing happened every few months. Then by the beginning of this year I had had enough. In March over the course of 3 days I received a total of 63 automated responce emails from them, following my attempt to contact them once again. I made a complaint to Trading Standards and sent the following email to them:

To: abuse@uk2.net
CC: stopabuse@uk2.net; abuseisp@uk2.net; postmaster@uk2.net; root@uk2.net; sales@uk2.net; support@uk2.net
Subject: I am being spammed from yourselves.

Dear sirs,

Once again I have been added to your apm list despite repeated requests that
I be removed permanently. I was a customer of yours, but have not been for
several years. Every time you send me one of these ‘spam’ email I have
complained, and my email address has eventually been removed for a short
time, but it appears you are not honouring these removals.

You are in breach of the ‘Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC
Directive) Regulations 2003’ and i would like to formally request that my
email address be completely removed from your system.

Also as you are a UK company I would like to formally request that you send
details of how I can obtain from yourselves a full copy of all information
you hold about myself on your computers. This is in regard to the Data
Protection Act, and I trust this matter will be dealt with quickly.

Thank you for your time

Rich Pedley

Although no reply was received the emails, and so far the newsletters have ceased.

Hopefully this article will not be continued…

Updated: UK2.net 2 years on on 10/11/2006

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  1. Chris says:

    The move away page for UK2.net is here http://www.uk2.net/move_away/

  2. Neil Hassan says:

    January 25th, 2008 at 12:58 pm
    Chris Says:

    The move away page for UK2.net is here

    If only I could!

    They don’t seem to know the difference between a nameserver and an IP address.

    Every time I demonstrate that my IP address is listed as being on UK2.net, I get a reply giving the name servers.

    When I reply giving the IP listing for the nameservers, which shows they too are on UK2.net, they get really confused and don’t reply!

  3. Rich Gordon says:

    I too am having difficulties. Please note the hidden move away form has now changed. It is now

    cheers and good luck.

  4. MarkR says:

    Well, theres a suprise. im having isues too.

    5 days so far with no response from their “support”. Probably made it worse now by threatening to leave, based on whats already been stated.

    Advise for anyone looking for a domain or related services – DO NOT USE UK2 UNLESS YOU WANT GRIEF.

  5. AlexB says:

    Hmm customer support nil. Still waiting for a response. And yes they have absolutely no idea of the difference between an IP address and a nameserver. None whatsoever.

    Here is some dialogue:


    Just wondered if anyone was going to get back to me as promised??


    Sorry Nadine to go around the houses

    I changed that A record (IP address myself) the person I spoke to this morning added the DNS management to that domain name for no charge to add the record on the understanding that she would take the dns management back off.

    The senior support guy I spoke to said the problem lies with cpanel not updating the A records properly and that they are working on resolving that now. In the meantime he passed me onto that girl who added DNS to the .co.uk part so that we could change the IP address from the UK2 default to the business hosting package held on YOUR server with IP address

    The problem is that cpanel is NOT updating the A records properly which is part of the service I have already paid for. Which is why I don’t need to buy DNS management as I am not taking those domain names away from UK2 Im just trying to get them to attach the the server they are supposed to be on already.

    They all should have the IP address but for some reason there has been a problem and some of them are pointing to your homepage uk2.nets folder on its server.

    The trouble is no matter how many times I add domains via cpanel if the domains actual IP address is pointing away from that server they will NEVER resolve to the right place.

    Hope this explains what Im trying to do here.

    Kindest regards

    On 24/1/08 13:18, “Support Team | UK2.net” wrote:

    > Hi Alex,
    > I have noticed that on the one you did, the ip address was changed
    > automatically, so DNS management may not be needed. If you can change these
    > then i can check the domains for you.
    > Regards,
    > —
    > Nadine Oware-mensah
    > 2nd Line Customer Support
    > UK-2 Ltd

    Dear Daniil

    If you look on my main domain cpanel, which you obviously haven’t, you will see that I have already done this so this information isnt really that helpful.

    The add-on domain names do not point anywhere. If fact they lead back to the uk2.net homepage.

    If you type in my other domain names into your web browser you will see that they point back to you server at IP NOT to the server that the Media-republik’s web space is hosted at.

    I have added in those domain and reset the DNS obviously before I phones the helpdesk and assigned all this.

    Please advise how to connect the ALREADY added domains to the respective,

    /home/mediarep/public_html/audio-republik.co.uk on the server

    Why are they not linking up the Domain names to these added domains.


    On 23/1/08 09:00, “Support Team | UK2.net” wrote:

    > Dear Alex,
    > Please view the same instructions for adding domains via your cPanel system.
    > Creating Addon Domains
    > Steps
    > 1. Enter the domain name you want to use for the Addon Domain in the “New
    > Domain Name” text box.
    > 2. When you place the cursor in the “Subdomain/Ftp Username” text box,
    > cPanel automatically fills in the username and “Document Root home” text boxes
    > for you. You can modify these to your specific needs, but generally the
    > default entries created by the system will work.
    > 3. Enter any password you choose in the “Password” text box. The password
    > can be anything and does not have to already exist.
    > 4. Click on the Add Domain! button.
    > NOTE: It may take a few minutes for the system to create your Addon Domain.
    > Please be patient and do not click on any buttons while the system is working.
    > 5. The next page will state “ADDON_DOMAIN has been created!” The page will
    > also display a link to the File Manager for you to manage the files for your
    > new Addon Domain. To learn more about the File Manager, read the Using The
    > File Manager document. Or you can click on the Go Back button to view your
    > Addon Domain information (Proceed to Step 6 below to learn more).
    > 6. When the page loads, you will see a table with your newly created Addon
    > Domain containing the following information, split into five columns:
    > Warm Regards,
    > —
    > Daniil
    > 1st Line Customer Care
    > UK-2 Ltd

    there is more but you get the idea.

    Absolute bunch of monkeys IMHO if you are going to work on customer support at 50p a minute at least know what the hell you are talking about and dont arbitrarily copy and paste from a help file.


  6. Harry says:

    Does anyone have a telephone number for any of the board of UK2 …. no one at the Company seems willing to help!

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  8. Allan Rhodes says:

    The same old issues never seem to be resolved with UK2.net

    I have 21 domain names hosted there and each time there is a difficult technical problem I never get a response. I send critical ticket after ticket only to be ignored.

    The latest issue is a problem with one of my main web sites (online purchasing is how we survive). This site shares web space with Lifeaxe.com. The site dissapeared for no reason on checking the sub directories on the UK2 server it had been deleted!. This same problem happend to all our web sites 6 months ago!..

    We then found our site was directed to a UK2 maintenace page.. The DNS had now been changed too!

    We re-uploaded the content back on to their server and contacted UK2 to sort the DNS problem out for us.. 7 days later we still have not had a reply.. So far we have lost hundreds of pounds in lost sales due to their error..

    Having seen the email address on here for their MD I have just fired off an email to him to try to get him to assist us.. The reply will be posted on this web site for all to see.

    By the way.. has anyone ever tried to move a domain away from UK2.net? I would apprecite any advice so that we can do the same.


  9. Cthonus says:

    Tried to move form Namesco to UK2Net because they seemed much cheaper.

    Three weeks later the domain still hadn’t moved and support had the stupidity to cut&paste the RIPE whois info to prove it had been done. Trouble is it clear said Namesco on the form. Criminally stupid.

    So I complained to my credit card company that UK2Net hadn’t provided a service and cc’ed in the helpdesk. Unsurprizingly they responded almost immediately despite ignoring my other dozen emails.

    Threatening them with legal action for lack of service seems to work at getting a refund. One wonders how long the credit card companies will wait before they notice a worrying trend…

  10. I have diverted my site to this one as it won’t point to my webspace. There always seems to be a conflict between web diversion and shared webspace so that you “VOLUNTEER” to show their advertising page with all their “cheap prices” for two weeks.

    posted 08/02/08 2200 same time as the ticket to support.

    Lets see…..

  11. Darren says:

    First of all this is not a shameful plug lol….

    I have my own web design and hosting business. I sell domains and hosting etc.

    I dont charge people to move their domain because there is no physical involvement from myself. The client can do this by themselves with the help of their new provider by simply reconfiguring the DNS (domain name server) for the domain name which should come with every domain name!

    What UK2.net are doing is a complete rip off and as far as im aware it’s pretty much illegal as it is the customer who owns the domain not the provider.

    However, i do charge to transfer a domain to my accounts as i need to do work my end and pay a charge so i have to cover the costs.

    Anyway, thats my input, currently updating the site so have loads of work to do hence being awake at this horrible hour!

  12. I cant beleive all these peoples problems with UK2!
    Im having massive problems at the moment too, i had to publish it on my website, feel free to have a read and leave a comment 🙂


  13. Alex K says:

    I really had enough of UK2.net,
    1. first of all they put a free 0800 for sales, but when they trap the customers you need to call (0.50) per minute number for support.
    2. They give an option to redirect the domain, like all other web hosting a domain companies, but but but you unlike others they will display their banners on top of all your pages when re-directing your domain.
    3. If you have a glue DNS records (when using dedicated servers or your own name server) there no way to make it work. It doesn’t understand.
    4. If you want to get away from them and move your domain to some one else, you need to send a fax, pay 12 and wait and wait and wait ….. other companies are providing this process free of charge and is automatically done. This is very basic to LOCK/UNLOCK the domain and request AUTH-ID to move domains but with UK2 is hell of a lot hassle, even they don’t provide a link on their site for unhappy customers to move. I had to call them and received an email including link.

    5. The funniest thing is the support email FROM: when I receive from them comes from a Hotmail account!!!! what does it mean a company who provide web hosting cannot have a proper email for their support.

  14. Elijah says:

    My friends, When growing up my mother used to tell me this
    “If its too good to be true it probably is!” This company needs to be shut down ASAP and charged with manslaughter or second degree murder because I believe many people have had heart attacks and shocks due to its service.

    Dont sign up, unless you have Medical Aid and Life Insuarance. Thats how bad they are.

  15. Coffey says:

    Well, UK2.net hijacked my domain! My website is entitled: “Avoid UK2.net”. UK2.net removed it completely; changed my administration details (including e-mail); changed my nameservers to theirs; and changed my password so I could not even enter into the account. I contacted TUCOWS, who were brilliant. Finally, UK2.net agreed to release my two domains without charge!

  16. Rich says:

    Very naughty indeed, was avoiduk2.net one of yours? or have they reserved that for themselves…

  17. colin says:

    Hi Fellow UK2 victims, I am having a beauty with them at the moment. A client of mine has been invoiced and charged for renewal of other domains that I manage for other clients. The client is of course furious especially as their domain has disappeared and they suspect that I have registered domains using their credit card! Which is reasonable.
    I have just found out that the reason that their site disappeared was because uk2 banned it! Why did they ban it? Because my client reported them to Mastercard last year when exactly the same thing happened!
    I am at the moment in communication with them but zero progress. Surely it’s illegal for anyone to help themselves to credit cards without authorization?
    Also I cancelled all auto renewal setting for all the domains I manage (20) to avoid a repeat but magically they reset again and my client has paid for domains that are now defunked.
    Any ideas anyone?

  18. tuxsa says:

    Incompetent, liars, irresponsible, cheats. They have lost the data of well 10 sites web and servant serious damages. The authorities should prohibit to similar people to operate online still! Shame!

  19. uk2sucks.net points here now. Hope you don’t mind 😉

  20. Jim says:

    Hello all.
    Been reading this page with interest, as I am a little bewildered at the bashing of this company.
    I host 9 dedicated boxes with a variety of ISPs, including UK2, fasthosts, Mediatemple and rackspace.
    I think all of the people bitching about the dedicated servers need to wise up, I pay for an entry level package with UK2, and all I expect from that is power to the box and an internet connection, it is an unmanaged service, and the only thing I would ever need them to do is reboot it if it really really doesnt like me. You get what you pay for, I pay rackspace in excess of 500pcm for my other boxes and believe it or not, they do pick up the phone near enough immediately, but you pay for that privilege. I have had worse customer service experiences with fasthosts……
    At the end of the day, you have to get to grips with the fact that no company is infallible, and as a level headed person I accepted that Fasthosts really vex me on occasion but I am one of many thousands of customers. We are only hearing about the cheesed off people here, what about all the satisfied customers?

    Just food for thought….

    p.s Blueyonders email service got blocked by another ISP a while back, it is more common than you may think…..

  21. Paddy Coffey says:

    Jim, are we all reading the same pages here?

    Some of these stories are not about a customer care blunder that was a mistake and quickly rectified, with an apology… For my part, UK2.net purposely removed my website and replaced the pages with their own; changed my password; stopped me having access to my account; changed my administrative contact details so any request to transfer my domains was rendered impossible. All this was done without one word of correspondence beforehand. When I contacted them, they made no attempt to respond or to put things right. I had to go to TUCOWS to get my domains back and transferred to another company!

    This is not about infallibility, oversight, or staff training…far from it! It is management directives and control freakery!

    I think you are the one that needs to “wise up!” Some of the stories here are mind boggling!

  22. Jim says:

    We are reading the same pages Paddy, and I think you are overlooking my point.
    Condensed, if they treated all their customers in this way, then you would be right, they would not be in business. But evidently the bereaved on this forum are in the minority.
    There is a forum/blog like this for nearly every company out there……. You only ever hear the bad things is all im saying……

  23. Jamie says:

    If you’re having problems releasing a domain held by UK2.NET and you don’t want to pay them to do it for you, the easiest way to get it back is to request that the admin contact details for the domain be changed from UK2’s to yours.

    This is very simple and can be done by faxing a copy of photo ID (such as a passport) along with a downloadable form to Tucows (the domain registry who’s services they resell).

    It’s worth noting that Tucows recommend that resellers give the domain owner the username and password for the management interface for their domain (https://manage.opensrs.net/) however UK2 generally refuse to do this and instead charge a fee for the domain to be released and for some other (normally free) services related to the domain. Many other Tucows resellers such as Demon Virtual Servers (recommended) generally provide this information when a domain is registered or transferred.

    By requesting that the admin details be changed from UK2’s to yours, you bypass the need for them to be involved in transfers as all transfer related e-mails will go to you and not them. In this way, I was able to get my domain back and bypass their seemingly deliberately obstructive support people.

    Find out more here: http://helpcenter.tucows.com/

  24. I”m not sure what to believe any more. My personal experience of uk2.net is that they are not production quality – today another reboot caused me to loose some data. That’s twice in 2 weeks. They never seem to really answer the tickets properly.

    I just read a rating site saying that uk2.net had a 100% uptime in 2007 – certainly they cant claim this in 2008! My own experience guarantees this.
    I just rated them on
    http://www.hostratings.co.uk/ and have set up my own uk2.net category on my wordpress blog. I want to publish their performance in regards to my shared server.

  25. This is likely my last post. I am grateful to the operator of this site for giving us the chance to air our concerns. It is my last post because I will move to a new hosting company.

    After my post here less than 24 hours ago, the mysql server ran out of sessions and the Load Average hit a high of 99.7.

    Today my site, ifullpower.co.uk was offline. It has been offline for more than 6 hours. It’s permanently refusing connections.

    The critical ticket I have raised has been ignored.
    My email to the MD, Ditlev, has been ignored.

    UK2.NET is a terrible, terrible company with a dreadful service.

    I strongly advise anyone thinking of using shared hosting supplied by this company to think carefully.

    I am reporting UK2.NET to their local trading standards office.

  26. Ben says:

    Some friends have complained of their treatment by UK2, and recently I had a problem too. I had several domains up for renewal, and their system notified me 2 weeks before that my credit card had expired. I updated my card details a day or two before the renewal was due, and their system said the updated details were fine — but it didn’t actually use the new details (maybe it had given up when the old ones failed twice).

    UK2 then tried to charge me for bringing each domain back to UK2. When I protested, the chap on the phone said he’d try to bypass that and succeeded, but still the only offer available now on his system was a 3-year renewal (3 years’ hosting and 3 years’ Nominet registration) at a higher price. I hesitated, but it seemed the only way forward and so I agreed.

    However, when the email confirmation came through, the higher price had got me only the standard 2 years — so again I protested. After a little discussion, UK2 agreed to renew for the standard 2 years (they said that’s what they offered on the phone, but I know he said 3 years) at the original price, i.e. to refund the difference. So I didn’t get anything specially great, but I didn’t lose out either.

    I have to say, I kept my comments polite and business-like throughout, and UK2’s chap (Kevin Ababio) was also very polite and helpful. Jim wrote above “We are only hearing about the cheesed off people here, what about all the satisfied customers?” — well, I can’t say if UK2 is necessarily better than the other operators, but in my case they did OK. As with all companies, YMMV.

  27. nikki says:

    I’ve just registered a domain with UK2 and then I read the comments on your post (wish I’d done it the other way round). They advertise a 30 day money back guarantee, could I therefore cancel my registration and re-register through someone else?

  28. voodish says:

    UK2.net are truly awful

    We trialled their supposedly 3 months trial, only to receive a bill for £340 14 days before the end of the trial — !!!

    When we tried to cancel it they wouldn’t let us, saying that we needed to let them know 21 days before the end of the 3 months!!

    So now we have 12 months reseller hosting that we don’t want or need… thanks UK2.net (sighs)

  29. Suzy says:

    We have a new website hosted by UK2 and are unable to enter the cPanel to edit the site. According to UK2 the problem lies with the ISP and according to to our ISP the problem lies with the hosting service. We’ve done a trace and it times out after a few seconds. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I’d be grateful for any feedback.

  30. lolly says:


    I just wished I saw this before trialing their e-commerce service. I tried their e-commerce service, and I decide I dont like their website builder, very boring templates and all, package was £10 a month
    I proceeded to ask for refund, boom. They refused to refund claiming the £10 is for price of domain, however they have refused to send me domain certificate with details and all.
    In addition to that they have taken £19.99 from my account even though I have cancelled their service.
    It’s a nightmare, cant get in touch with then via phone, and they are refusing to reply my mails.
    I think I will have to report this company.
    please people dont sign up with uk2.

  31. Andy says:

    I am in a battle with UK2 which started when I forgot to cancel a domain within 14 days (I see this as a FINE ). I now want to move everything away from them after getting strange email replys only answering half the questions. I will fight to the death! It is a shame as I have been with UK2 for many many years.
    If they would have been more accomadating and customer friendly I would not have minded ………….
    Is there any good ISP I can transfer my names ???
    Thanks Andy

  32. Ian says:

    Hi. Re. UK2. I want to cancel some domains. If I just set the domain to “manual renewal” is that enough or do I have to cancel formally?
    I guess the answer is:- if I do as above in X years time UK2 will slap a bill on me for £Y when I was least expecting it…!?!?

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  34. IHateUK2 says:

    I can not be bothered writing the big list of things that UK2 are so bad at, as it would likely overwhelm the server hosting this site.

    Needless to say I am yet another unhappy customer of UK2 and their terrible, terrible underhanded billing practices and completely underwhelming ‘technical support’.

    If you are reading this and even slightly tempted to start using uk2, I would suggest, if I may be so bold, that you do not bother.

  35. AndyB says:

    I am also an unhappy UK2 customer, it’s not hard to see how they are unreliable. They used to place 80 Cobalt servers in a single rack (front and back) and hope they didnt over heat or have power issues at Redbus Hosting.

    I am now sueing them via the small claims court, they recently decided to activate “email forwarding for 3 years” on all my domains and charge me even though I’d not asked, used or activated it. My bank alerted me to the transaction, I called them on the day and they refused to refund me.

    Under the “Distance Selling Regulations” which is UK LAW and the Internet e-commerce bible, they HAVE to refund you within 7 days of any purchase should you wish to cancel. The only caveat on this would be if they had created something which could not be cancelled.
    Dont use UK2, transfer if you can and sue them if they try to bully you!

  36. Paul Blitz says:

    I used to use UK2: what a bunch of rank amateurs!

    How to get the .uk domains out of their control? go to Nominet, pay a fee, and they will simply “pull” the domains from UK2 and set up for your new domain host.

    Send an email (keep a copy) telling UK2 what you have done, and telling them that you have no desire to continue to use their services, so not to charge anything further to your card. (this is simply covering your arse, for when they inevitably screw up)

    Next, tell your credit card companies NOT to make ANY payments to UK2, as you no longer use their services. If UK2 do take more money, then let the credit card company know straight away.

    I moved my domains over to Namesco, they seem to be a LOT more helpful and professional. We even used them for several business domains.

  37. Jenni says:

    we run a small photography forum. The forum has a membership of about 300, many of whom are inactive. We installed a program which would contact these members and, if they did not log in to the forum within a certain time, would remove these members from the database. UK2.net has defined this as spamming and has taken down the site – without contacting us for an explanation. The site is still down.
    I think that this is reprehensible behaviour and would certainly say that the host cannot be trusted to deal properly with its clients.

    Today, the domain cannot be found by web browsers, and UK2.net have removed my access completely by changing the passwords. This is a very poor way to treat a client. We are planning a move as soon as possible.

    And 24 hour support? – not by their abuse section.

  38. I registered a few web domains a few years back with uk2.net, and have not had any problems with them on a technical level. The problem I have noticed over the past few years is in the prices that they charge.

    A prime example of this is:
    £12 a year to remove their advertsing banner from your web domain.

    Personally, I’m fed up paying money to them just so they don’t advertise their own products on my web domain address. Its crazy.

    All I’m after is a company that will provide the following:
    1) forward my domain to another web address
    2) forward email address to another account

    Thats not a lot to ask, yet uk2.net charges a lot for it.

    I just hope uk2.net weill let me go, and hopefully not try and rip me off in the process.


  39. Andrew says:

    Do NOT use UK2.net!

    Their email servers have had problems since I joined them (6 months ago). For long periods I have been unable to receive email at all. Their email servers also seem to be blacklisted as frequently my emails end up in recipients’ junk folders. All this and they charge you extra for adding email addresses to any new domains you add to your hosting account after joining them.

    I’m trying to get a refund for the time I have remaining of my contract but their complaints department is a joke! Over 2 weeks since I lodged my complaint and I haven’t even had an acknowledgement yet!

    AVOID like the plague!

  40. Colin says:

    Well they have been messing about with DNS settings again and my business web site has left the net and they just lie and then do nothing. 3 days now
    No web site = no business = 5 kids gonna starve???

  41. Kevin says:

    I’ve finally managed to get free of UK2.net after over a year of pathetic service during which time, i have suffered loss of emails, emails arriving hours or even days late and people unable to send me emails because of blacklists etc.
    Their technical support system is an absolute joke with things marked as ‘critical’ just not getting answered for days and then the problems are simply not addressed. The most I’ve got from them is ‘we know that people are experiencing problems and our technical staff are working on it – thanks for your patience……’ or words to that effect.
    Well, my patience just ran out and after much lost business, I’m finally free.
    As I’m a fan of irony, I just signed up to them again with my 1.99 domain name – uk2worsthostever.info which they have kindly arranged to manage and forward web traffic to my other site. Check it out.
    STAY AWAY FROM UK2.net if you want an email service which works and means your clients can actually contact you. They are in my opinion, the worst host available.

  42. philip says:

    This would be the UK2 joke of the week, except that its true :

    If you can’t read your email because you can’t login because you have forgotten your email login password, then all you have to do is enter your email address and they will email the password to you.

    I think UK2s corporate intelligence was fully extended thinking this one up – certainly nothing else they have done indicates an iota of business sense – except their capacity to take your money.

  43. philip says:

    By the way, there is a website http://uk2reviews.com/ which purports to show customer reports about UK2 service. While I will not comment on the veracity of the feedback posted on the site, except to say that the comment at the bottom of the site “All comments are reviewed” is clearly true, as there is not a single comment reflecting the generally adverse comments posted on other sites.

  44. philip jones says:

    And here’s another one – purporting to be an unbiased review of UK2 compared to other hosting services, but you don’t have to be a genius to figure out who is really behind it. What kind of really tacky organisation would stoop this low ?

  45. BethL says:

    After many years with UK2.net I have quit them today. I have been with them since 2000 – so not exactly an inexperienced customer – and for many years I was totally happy with them. But no more. This year has been an ever increasing nightmare, firstly of occasional “glitches” with the server refusing to allow me access to send or receive mail; increasing to regularly doing so by August. I have contacted them dozens of times since then, only to get “We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it”. Well they certainly resolved it – eventually I could neither recieve nor send e-mail because the problem they were working to resolve didn’t get resolved, instead the server crashed. And who doesn’t have a back up? Well they obviously didn’t!

    Thanks to the posters here I found out how to get my domain off them (they refused to answer – some “support team”), and Nominet were brilliant at explaining to non-technical me (heh, I don’t want to be a computer expert – I just want my e-mail!!!) what I needed to do.

    UK2.net are rubbish. They have got worse and worse – once they had a service worth selling, but no more.

  46. Chris says:

    Uk2.net – what a joke!
    I’ve been a steady client of Uk2 for ten years or so now, but I have never been so dissappointed with the service as I have been this year.
    for months I’ve had issues sending emails from my pda, which sporadically worked but not reliably up until that is august when all hell broke out and it appears from the other blogs and review websites, their system has gone into meltdown.
    I am now trying to set up with a new provider. Being not in the slightest bit a techy type, I have a man looking at it for me.
    What a mess they’ve got themselves into. support is non-existent, they’re hyper expensive ‘general support’ line is not ever answered and I’m still waiting for a tech support ticket from two weeks ago just to be acknowelged!


    best of luck to all those still using them.

  47. Ben Ellis says:

    Hi all,

    We just registered for the business hosting with UK2.net as we were impressed with the website and the configuration for the price. Unfortunately I must say that uk2.net have one of the most control panels I have used in my 10 years experience of building websites.

    FTP doesn’t work, remotely connecting to a MySQL DB doesn’t work, only 1 of the 3 bundled domain names points to the hosting account, with the other 2 just pointing to bog standard uk2.net holding pages. The addon domain function doesn’t redirect the domain names to the main account.

    And to top it off, 50p/min for technical support. Haven’t even bothered to call them, as I am assuming they will know nothing about solving any of the simple issues above.

    In short, we are going to get a refund for the hosting and go elsewhere.

    Can anyone recommend a decent UK-based hosting company with half-decent, non-premium rate support? All we need is PHP/MySQL, the usual LAMP set up really for hosting a WordPress-driven backend.

    Thanks all


  48. Russell Fleming says:

    UK2 what a bunch of c**’*s.

    Completely agree with you Andy and everyone else. Any idea where I can get a decent FREE server side web form script ?.

  49. UK2 Hater says:

    I have just (stupidly) purchased several domain names from UK2 and my god how I regret it. They seemed good value as I (again stupidly) thought that as I had purchased them I owned them, no if I want to do ANYTHING with them I have to pay some sort of ransom money for the privilege. I ended up buying web space as it was cheaper than transferring them but once again anything out of just looking at the sites costs. If you have got as far as my comment then please take notice and buy the domains elsewhere. Incidentally I last used UK2 about 11 years ago and they were excellent then, I don’t know what has happened in the meantime…….

  50. Richard Eaton says:

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY…….Occasional I can say companies have some good points, but not UK2.NET.
    I’m currently in a battle with them for the miss-sale of a domain name,knowhere do they mention you get a huge ugly banner unless you either host with them $$$$ or by the software to remove it $$$$, so I aksed for a refund, they don’t refund on domain purchases, I asked for a transfer…Yes they can do it, that will be £12 please $$$$$$$. All this company want is your money. The battle is well under way and I’m not giving in….APPAULING APPAULING APPAULING.

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