Beware of web designers!

It has come to attention that there are a few web designers out there who are of dubious character. I won’t name names but the following has happened to some one I know.

Having gone to a web designer and received their site, all was going well until the client had cause to look at the mark-up. Hidden amongst it was a link to the web designers own money making gambling site. The problem lies in that the client was never informed that the link was there, and as it wasn’t visible on the page, they would have never known. This was an unscrupulous way of getting a better search engine ranking for the gambling site.

So beware who you use!

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4 Responses to Beware of web designers!

  1. Was this a company or a student designer?

    Very bad conduct in any case.

    Richard Smith

  2. Rich says:

    It was a small business, not a student…

    But yes extremely bad conduct.

  3. No name and shame plan!!?

    Richard Smith

  4. Rich says:

    not at this stage, but if I find they have done it elsewhere as well, well then the gloves will come off 🙂

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