Guild of Accessible Web Designers

Back in November 2004 I became an admin of GAWDS. But at the time I wasn’t happy with my name appearing on the front page. I don’t go out looking for praise, and felt uncomfortable with my name appearing. I didn’t feel that my involvement, or my accessibility knowledge, was good enough to warrant such a high profile.

So what changed?

No much is the short answer. I still feel uncomfortable about it, but I am now doing more within the Guild than I have before. The time was right, even if I wasn’t ready for it. It was also necessary for some of the work I am now tackling for the Guild.

I am of course extremely proud that not only am I member of GAWDS, but an admin as well!

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2 Responses to Guild of Accessible Web Designers

  1. dotjay says:

    I must admit to feeling a bit funny about having my name down as an admin on the front page of the GAWDS site. I don’t really see myself as an admin. I just like to help out where I can with comments, contributing to the content management system if I can, helping with the Site of the Month and moderating and maintaining the site.

    Also, I’m always learning something new regarding Web Design and Web Accessibility. The site linked to from GAWDS is getting old and has been hacked about quite a bit. I really need to find time to do a redesign as it really doesn’t reflect my best efforts or current knowledge. 🙁

  2. Rich says:

    I have quite often stayed in the background. I guess you have a similar nature. Sometimes you do things for the love of the thing, rather for any recognition.

    But remember I am not employed as such at the moment. You are. So the added benefit is that you can promote yourself not just as a member, but as an admin. There is a certain Kudos in that.

    Site redesigns, especially your own, are difficult. For some reason they always get shoved to the bottom of any ToDo list…

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