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When checking sites for accessibility I quite often want to check more than one page at a time. Until now thios hasn’t been a problem. I have the relevant page bookmarked: WDG validator and I just click the ‘Validate entire site’ checkmark.

However with the number of sites using XHTML and custom DTDs ever increasing, the WDG validator doesn’t validate them correctly unless you include the xml option. The problem is, they don’t give you an opportunity to do so! It currently does not appear on the page.

Rather than try and work this out all the time, I thought I’d create a bookmarklet to enable me to do so automatically. Problem is … I didn’t know how to do so!

Solution: contact a man who can. I got in touch with dotjay, who kindly coded these for me.

So for your edification here they are:
javascript needs to be enabled for these to work, just drag the following links to the toolbar of your browser.

Spidering a site in the same window:
WDG XML spider check

Validating one page, in the same window:
WDG XML single page


For spidering a site in new window, bookmark this link:
WDG XML spider check (new window)

For a single page in new window, bookmark this link:
WDG XML single page (new window)

Hopefully these will be of use to you. Once again, my thanks to dotjay.

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4 Responses to Validator Bookmarklet

  1. dotjay says:

    Thanks for the mention, Rich. I like to help where I can. 🙂


  2. Rich says:

    .j thanks for the addtional links, I’ve moved them into the article as WordPress doesn’t like javascript links inside comments!

  3. dotjay says:

    No problem, Rich. It’s probably just as well that all the code is together in your post anyway.


  4. Rich says:

    dotjay has just got back to me with corrected versions for the above. Apparently they didn’t work in IE, but who uses that any more! I thought we’d all changed to Firefox…

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