Whatever happened to The Teletubbies?

Having to sit through more than one episode of The Teletubbies can cause you to think of some very strange things…

Tinky Winky finally gave in to the feeling that something was wrong. Some years ago now he finally had the sex change operation we had all been expecting. No more ‘bye bye Tinky Winky’, but ‘eh oh Barbara’. The other Teletubbies then shunned Barbara, which was very demoralising for her. Last we heard was that she had started smoking and was working in a Cafe in Shepherds Bush.

Dipsy never realised his dream to be the Man Utd. mascot. Instead he has led a poor life. It transpires that during the golden years of the show Dipsy was in fact a hard drugs user, and even during filming snorted cocaine at every opportunity. After the show he moved into porn movies, where for a while at least, he was a big thing. We guess the shape of his head protrubence had something to do with that. Last we heard was that he had kicked the drug habit but had turned to alcohol, at the time he was living in a cardboard box somewhere near Leicester.

Laa Laa, the darling of the show, became a ballet dancer. But after destroying several theatres following a few jumps around the stage got banned. This caused her great distress but she did pull herself together. She currently resides in Southampton and is raising 6 children, who all have different fathers. There was a rumour that one of them was the son of Dipsy, the green skin being the biggest clue. However this is still unconfirmed.

Po, the baby of the show was in fact the oldest. She hated the fact that although nearly 50 years older than the others, she had to portray the youngest. She retired from public view as soon as the show ended, and is thought to have recently died at her home in Essex.

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3 Responses to Whatever happened to The Teletubbies?

  1. Joe says:

    Sorry to say that Tinky Winky … urm … Barbara has let rejection get the better of him/her/it — see for yourself:-


    • M. Gaudet says:

      Hello you nay-sayers.

      For the record, the person who played Tinky W. is a man, and about 3 years after the show stopped filming married a wonderful woman.

      There was nothing wrong with the T.T. show. I found it very charming and a great ‘diversion’ in that there was really nothing to try to figure out; was just plain entertaining to watch the interaction, and sometimes try to put meaning to some of it. But… why do we ALWAYS have to find SOMETHING THERE with more meaing than just the enjoyment of the moment?

      I have met cynics like the most of who post here, and soon as I realize how NEGATIVE they are, I avoid them like the plague they are. seeing nothing but the NEGATIVE.

      I will pray for those who only see the dark.

      M. Gaudet

  2. Jesse B says:

    The teletubbies were amazing. Why do people always cancel the classics.

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