php mail management

All i was asked to find was a php mailing list script, with the ability to attach files to text only emails. Could I find one? like heck I could. PHPList looked promising, but the other requirement threw that out.

I of course only look look for free scripts, which obviously makes things just that little bit harder, but I’d have thought there would be one out there!

The full requirments would preferably be the following:

  1. ability to send text emails
  2. with file attachments
  3. secure signup
  4. easy unsubscribe
  5. email addresses stored in database
  6. easy list management
  7. preferably xhtml

I could possibly live without the last two, and make necessary modifications. Currently I just don’t have the php skills to go out there and start writing this sort of thing. The mime-type bit is a bit scary 🙂

But providing the script has all the basics, I certainly don’t mind modifying it to bring it up to spec. So if anyone knows of anything, please let me know.

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