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An update to php mail management.

After much searching for a solution, I came to the conclusion that no-one knows how to write such a thing, without using javascript!

There are also lots of mailing list managers out there, but not many of them could handle file uploads, so that made my search difficult, having to weed all these out. Then I weeded out all the commercial scripts. Then I tried to find one that actually worked, not many of them did out of the box. Plus all the ones I tried used javascript, not just as an added extra but as an integral part of the script!

However I eventually found one, it had almost everything I wanted. It even had html capabilities, with templates which seemed like an added bonus. But after working on it for the past 4 days and testing things as I went, I managed to break everything. I was worried that all my efforts had been in vain. But I had a sudden inspiration to go back to the original and test things out. the html mail side didn’t work there either!!! So I removed as much of that as possible, to trim the code down to bare essentials.

But it still didn’t work, at least locally. I had been testing on my PC via easyPHP. So another flash of thought, and I uploaded my scripts to my test site, and they worked.

I still have some validation and acessibility check to be done, but hopefully I can release it shortly. So look out for news on my ‘Simple PHP Text Newsletter’.

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4 Responses to php newsletter

  1. Rich says:

    The scripts are nearing completion. I still have a few things to do:

    tidy up the CSS
    check for weird characters in the text
    amend some of the language used…

    This has been a struggle, while testing I must have received in excess of 1000 newsletters, my hosting company must have thought I was getting mailbombed!

  2. Rich says:

    The script is nearly ready for release!

    I just have to wait for my beta tester to finish playing with it.

    Plus I still have feature creep with it, and need to add in one more small thing…

  3. Shawn says:

    I’d Like to see the Results of this, I would even try it out and see how well it works and may even continue to use it if it seems as good as you are saying….

  4. Rich says:

    Thanks for the post Shawn, it reminded me that I had yet to mention the script’s release! features any and all scripts that I have had a hand in… The newsletter script is available there.

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