BBC iMP trial part 2

The story continues…

Well the download took quite a while but eventually I was able to watch the last episode of Doctor Who. the quality was good apart from a few things, which are no doubt caused by my old PC.

Note: it is advisable to switch off a screen saver before trying to watch these things. After my screensaver kicked in I returned to the show to find the images jerking and out of sync with the sound. But after closing, and restarting, the player it righted itself.

I have finally found how to access the channel/genre/date selections!!! It is as easy as using an exit link. Problem is you don’t know what you are exiting from!

For me the most disappointing thing is that not every program is on the list, the choice of what to download is therefore rather limiting. However I did note that you can get some of the BBC High Definition trials, though at 936Mb I don’t think I will be trying to view anything just yet.

Changing the storage directory doesn’t transfer your files and you have to do so manually. I may be wrong but I am sure I set a different directory during the install.

Now all I have to do is wait for a semi decent program to appear in the listings and I’ll test again!

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