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PHP and form processing

I hate PHP form processing, I really hate php form processing. I am currently adapting a form creater and processor, and I am beginning to really hate forms. Though I am learning a whole lot about how to write an … Continue reading

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php sessions

When writing php scripts and using sessions remember you have to start them in all files, including those you include in the script… Remembering that would have saved me a little bit of time today! Maybe one day I’ll learn … Continue reading

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Accessible Shopping Cart

Up to now the number of shopping cart systems that are accessible i.e. valid xhtml and WAI AA has been low. I only know of 2 Karova and Trading Eye. However the downside is that they are not cheap. During … Continue reading

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Thunderbird and moving emails

I get a fair bit of email, all of which I leave in my main inbox until it is dealt with. After which I then move that email to the relevant place. Problem is Thunderbird doesn’t like quick mouse movements … Continue reading

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Accesskeys: useful or not?

John Foliot and Derek featherstone over at have long queried the usefullness of accesskeys, and have some very nice articles surporting their claims. More reasons why we don’t use accesskeys from December 2003 is just one of these.

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W3C and WDG both offer validators for download. Every now and then I go and look at the instructions, and shudder with horror. Installation of these things is not easy, and I still don’t think I have the necessary knowledge … Continue reading

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